6 Times HTGAWM’s Winter Finale Got Away with Jaw Dropping Moments

*Warning* Article contains major spoilers from HTGAWM’S winter finale that aired November 19th. So if you haven’t watched it yet, you’ve been warned. But if you have, let’s freak out together, shall we?

How To Get Away With Murder, should rename itself ‘How To Get Away With Being The Best Show Ever”, am I right? Last night the winter finale DEFINITELY delivered its fair share of OMG moments. And what a CRAZY cliffhanger!?!

How To Get Away With Murder returns February 11th, 2016. So, wake me up when it’s February 11th? K, thanks, bye.

The winter finale had so many shocking, jaw dropping moments, but here are six times where they absolutely KILLED it. Excuse the pun, but I just had to.

1. Asher’s father committed suicide: First OMG moment! Plus his mother guilt tripping him and blaming him for his father’s death. When she said she didn’t want anything to do with him. How heartbreaking.

2. Sinclair’s killer: Asher Millstone:  This I was NOT expecting. At all. Asher ran over Emily Sinclair out of sudden rage for what she’s done. She was left to face an inevitable fate that left Asher shaking and in shock over what he’d done. Thankfully, Bonnie came to his rescue!

3. Annalise spilling the beans on who REALLY killed Sam Keating: The Keating 5, dun, dun, dun. In the heat of the moment, when Annalise needed the gang to help with Sinclair’s body, and they refused she ratted them out to Asher. Really, Annalise?  Way to blackmail them.

4. Annalise WANTED to get shot, to make it look like an accident to make a believable story. WHAT: I called that! I knew Annalise wanted to make a devious plan to frame Sinclair. Someone get Viola Davis her second Emmy please! That scene was so intense and heart racing! BRAVO.

5. ‘Who Shot Annalise’ has been answered: Knowing that she was staging being shot, she gives the gun to Connor. But as much as he despises Annalise, he just couldn’t pull the trigger. It’s THAT hard. So Annalise goes for…WES.  Instead of shooting her in the leg, he aims for the abdomen, in an attempt to kill her. It! Was! Wes!

6. Jaw Dropping Cliffhanger: Annalise had something to do with Wes’s mother’s death: *GASP* Kristof who? Apparently that was his name before, Wes? What?!? What is going on? We get a little flashback of Wes as kid talking to someone about his mother, and behind the class window is…Annalise AND Eve contemplating what they just did.

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