The Originals’ Fandom Speaks: Who’s the New Guy?

For those watching The Originals this fall, there appear to be two classes of fans right now: those who have watched and adored Veronica Mars and those who have not.

There’s a new detective in town and he seemed to slip by the viewers’ radar in the season premiere episode, but he certainly made an impression last night.

Jason Dohring, a.k.a. Logan Echolls, a.k.a. Detective Will Kinney.

Whether viewers knew who Dohring was before last night or not, all were impressed with his scenes and his chemistry with Cami. Those who knew him as Logan Echolls were ecstatic and many squee’d with glee as his snark and sass reminded them of their beloved iconic character from days past. For those who had never seen or heard of Dohring before, his performance made them sit up and take notice, many asking who he is as they called him ‘that detective guy.’

So this morning when the only other sentiment to be seen on Tumblr regarding last night’s episode is a resounding, “Why are Klaus and Hayley STILL fighting over custody of the baby?” a very firm “Well Done” must be said to Mr. Dohring about his performance along with a request that he continue making The Originals a better show to watch.

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