The Flash Fandom Speaks: Cold Flash and Controversy

Amidst the melted hearts and tears provoked by Joe and Iris’s father/daughter talk last night about Iris’s mother, there were also voices raised in protest against the use of such a drug-addicted stereotype being used as the reason Francine West abandoned her daughter. Some spoke up to say that they were ok with the storyline because drug addiction and abandoning children is not limited by the color of a person’s skin while others were outraged, either by the stereotype itself or the fact that Joe told Iris her mother was dead rather than telling her the truth.

Either way, this has become a topic of great contention on Tumblr today. That and some fans rebuffing other fans for their inappropriate and hateful treatment of Candice Patton on Twitter. Apparently there were several #SnowBarry fans who are being aggressive or passive-aggressive in their tweets to her, telling her that essentially all they care about is their ship and not at all whether Iris lives or dies. Hmm.

Meanwhile, in another part of the fandom, a new ship was born. Some have decided that the interaction between Barry/The Flash and Leonard/Captain Cold is pretty epic. Therefore, they have now dubbed them Cold Flash.

Stay tuned for more Fandom Speaks after next week’s episode.

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