Teen Wolf’s Dylan Sprayberry Talks Fans and Season 5B at NYCC

So many questions were left unanswered after the Teen Wolf 5A finale, much of which was centered around Dylan Sprayberry’s character, Liam Dunbar. We got the opportunity to talk to him at this year’s New York Comic Con about what to expect from his character in the upcoming season.


Where do we find Liam at the start of 5B?

“I don’t even know if I remember. Obviously we ended with Hayden being dead in his arms and prior to that he tried to kill Scott, so he has a lot of shit to deal with from all that. He’s got a lot to clean up mentally with other people who he’s hurt in the process of what he did. It indirectly affected a lot of people when he did what he did to Scott. So he has to deal with that and we’ll pick up, I don’t want to spoil anything because I’ll get in trouble and also it’ll ruin the surprise for everyone, but it picks up right after that happened.”

 Will Liam and Hayden be able to pick up where they left off after he realizes that she is alive?

“That all gets revealed in the first episode. The way that I’m describing their relationship now is Romeo and Juliet. They have a forbidden love between each other and they aren’t supposed to be together because they are on different sides. They care for each other since they’ve both been through a lot. She’s been through a lot, she died and then came back to life, so yeah she’s been through A LOT. (Laughs). That’s going to be the tone of our relationship going forward in this coming part of the season.”

 What about Liam’s relationship with Scott?

“We are definitely not going to just pick right back up. There are a lot of things that Scott can forgive his pack for and his friends for. Scott is a very generous person when it comes to second chances. But this is something that Liam is going to have to work for and prove to Scott that he’s still with him and what they’re doing.

 What has the fans response been on you becoming a main cast member?

“It’s funny because I remember the first episode that came out that I was in was 403, and I got so much shit for it. I was a dick in that episode basically and then the next episode everyone was like ‘Oh my God he’s actually really cool! We love him!’ (Laughs). Since then, the support has been growing and growing. I don’t know. When I first became a series regular people were always posting my main credit title and saying how it’s really cool. Usually it’s they love me or ‘Oh my God he’s so hot!’ I take that as support and they appreciate that I’m on the show, that’s just the way that they say it. But everyone is really supportive and I really appreciate them. I don’t really get any bad responses.”

 How much do you keep up with social media?

“I think it depends. It depends on what it is. Sometimes, I’ll look and see new photos when I do stuff. Like when I’m here, I’ll go on and I’ll see what people are posting from the event because I get to go back and watch my show so I know what everything looks like.

Usually on the show I don’t really look that much. I see some tweets people send me, like ‘you did really good this episode or that was really cool.’ But I don’t really respond to a lot because a lot of the questions are about what’s going to happen next and blah blah blah. (Laughs). I’m not going to ruin it for you, it’s going to be cool, but that’s all I’m going to say.”

 Do you think that splitting the seasons adds to the drama?

“Adding to the drama? I was thinking we have no drama! We are all good! We are all fine with each other! (Laughs). I think that the main aspect is that it’s a longer storyline. You get more details with more episodes. You get to tell more of the story. You get to tell more of what is going on with each character as opposed to 10 episodes. The longer the season, the longer the storyline. The writers get to spend more time for what they are writing because they have a longer time span to write it all.”

 Do you look at it as 2 separate seasons?

“I look at it as like Harry Potter or something. (Laughs). It’s just parts, not really two different seasons. It’s like whenever you see a soap opera and it’s like ‘to be continued.’ It’s like that. It picks up right where we just left off. It’s cool because you get to kind of take a break and rebuild and think about what has happened in the first 10 episodes. What did I not like about what I did? And what can I improve on?”

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