Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards (October 18th-24th)

Hello again, fandom world! Guess what time it is? Yep, it’s Sunday, which means it’s time for our Weekly TV Superlative Awards! This week on TV has been very interesting, and I can’t wait to share the Superlative winners with you all.



quentin frady “So YOU’re like a cosplayer or you do larping?”

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.09.14 PM

When Quentin Frady meets the Katana girl, he doesn’t quite understand her costume. While Quentin is presented as the comic relief of the otherwise mostly serious show, this line is most definitely one of his funniest. I mean, wouldn’t you ask the same thing if you ran into Miko in her full-fledged outfit?

Honorable Mention: You’re the Worst (Hakuna Matata)


Felicity smoak

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.51.55 AM

From “Most Lovable Character” one week to “Most Badass” the next? Felicity has certainly got quite a lot of tricks up her sleeve. CW’s favorite IT girl may be known mostly for her incredible brains and her charming personality, but she has shown time and again that she can hold her own in the face of physical dangers as well. Felicity has had several moments of badass-ness in the past, whether it be pistol-whipping her crazy ex-boyfriend, volunteering to be bait for the creepy Dollmaker, going undercover in a dangerous underground casino, or stabbing Slade Wilson in the neck with the Mirakuru cure, but her scenes with Double Down in this week’s episode were definitely towards the top of that list. Felicity was exceptionally badass as her quick thinking against the nefarious card-throwing meta-human saved not only her life but also her new work friend, Curtis’s. I mean, you gotta love Felicity kicking the guy off the elevator, getting them to the safety of the lair, and of course, open firing a machine-gun on him.

Honorable Mention: Reign (Catherine De Medici) and The Flash (Barry Allen)


Princess Claude


Princess Claude has been quite a scandal ever since she first entered the complicated world of Reign and not without reason. The girl has serious issues ranging from her difficult relationship with her mother to her past sexual encounters with her half-brother, Bash. But whatever problematic aspects of her character we have seen, one thing is for certain: you just can’t help but love the adorable and delightful way with which Rose Williams portrays her. And this episode was no different. From starting out the episode giving Leith new and expensive clothing, to helping her little brother Charles with his precarious girl problem, to having an adorable confrontation with Leith about his feelings for her. Princess Claude is just too cute to not win this category.

BIGGEST JERK: once upon a time

king arthur


From “Shadiest Character” to “Biggest Jerk,” Albion’s greatest king is not doing himself any favors. King Arthur has been quite an interesting and suspicious character ever since he was introduced this season, but this week, he really crossed the line over to the show’s biggest jerk. While he has done many dubious things, the thing that stands out the most and really gets him this award is that he “fixed” his wife with the sands of Camelot to keep her from leaving him. What a douchebag! After Queen Guinevere finally realized that her husband had spiraled out of control in his obsession for Excalibur, she decided that their marriage was past saving. This, coupled with her blossoming romance with Sir Lancelot, led her to tell Arthur she was leaving him, and he, instead of changing his obsessive ways, decided to throw a little bit of the sands on her to “fix” what was wrong with their relationship.


lewis snart


I guess The Flash really has its bad guy formula down. How else do you win this award two weeks in a row? To say that Daddy Snart’s introduction explains Leonard and Lisa and their crazy ways would be an understatement. We’ve seen our fair share of terrible TV parents, but a dad that puts a bomb in his own daughter to force his son to work for him? Yeah, that’s definitely a first! Leonard aka Captain Cold may have a freezing gun, but it’s the elder Snart that possesses the frozen heart. Lewis Snart provided a very conniving and interesting weekly villain to our heroes and did a lot to explain the backstories of the Snart siblings that have become more or less frenemies to our STAR Labs team. But, I don’t think he will be returning any time soon seeing as Leonard “broke” his heart as a payback for how he hurt Lisa.


liam o’connor


ABC’s new FBI drama has its share of shady characters. After all, everyone seems to have a dark past and we have no idea who the terrorist is. Liam O’Connor, however, seems to win all the shadiness points. He has shown himself to be very manipulative and have a seriously hidden agenda in both the training academy and the flashforwards. For starters, he seems to have planted Ryan in the academy to get close to Alex, has a lot of interest in Alex, and is the leading investigator on the terrorist case. A lot of his actions seem to point him out as the mastermind behind the terrorist attack, and even after several weeks, we seem to know next to nothing about who he is and what he really wants from the recruits. Definitely a shady guy.

BEST KISS: Once Upon a Time

Emma and Killian


Once Upon a Time’s Dark Swan storyline, though making an incredible overall plot, has been the source of quite a lot of heartbreak and pain for the Captain Swan shippers. Emma and Killian, after finally confessing their love to each other, have been split apart once again, and this time by Killian’s old nemesis, the Dark One. So, while the current plot line brings with it quite a lot of angst, the flashback storyline from Camelot serves as a bit of a band-aid as we see Killian and Emma work together to help keep the Dark One at bay. And such was the beautiful moment that our savior and her pirate boyfriend shared in the field of flowers in Camelot as they kissed. It was a magical moment befit for the magical fairytale show.*swoon*

MOST SWOON-WORTHY SCENE: how to get away with murder

laurel and frank have sex in the basement

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.48.30 PM

How to Get Away With Murder has been a seriously fast-paced and thrilling show ever since the pilot. Things have not slowed down even a little bit in season two. While the show has had many incredibly swoon-worthy scenes in the past (as Shondaland tends to), this week’s scene between Frank and Laurel really took the cake. After the two were sent to the basement to work on this week’s case, Laurel decided that she was not going to waste her last few days of freedom playing games; after all, with all the murders in town, one never knows when their time might be up (whether by death or jail). What proceeded was one of the steamiest sex scenes on network television.


Killian and Emma ride a horse together


This episode was quite a treat for the Captain Swan shippers. Where last week’s episode may have left many broken-hearted as Killian told Emma that he “loved” her, emphasis on the past tense, this week’s episode helped make it better by showing the adorable times the couple shared in Camelot together. One of  the highlight of these times was when Killian takes Emma on a horse ride with him to help get the Dark One off her mind. And it works when she realizes that the Dark One is no longer appearing to her. To say that Emma deserved this welcome break from the darkness of her life (no pun intended) would be a huge understatement.


mary tells francis she won’t marry charles


Reign has been quite an emotional roller coaster lately, and with Francis’s impending death, who can blame them? While the Charles-Mary engagement last week was a little strange, it set up a nice future for Mary, Charles, and France, and helped quell the gloom of Francis’s condition. However, this week, Mary realizes just how impractical the arrangement would be. It was heartbreaking to see the two of them accept the reality of their situation: Mary needed to find a new royal husband who could help support Scotland in front of England and France’s soon to be new King just could not handle that kind of a burden.

Honorable Mention: The Flash (Joe tells Iris about her mom) and You’re The Worst (Gretchen admits she’s clinically depressed)



Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.50.17 PM

Shonda Rhimes’ shows have never really shied away from controversial topics and traumatizing story lines, and this week’s episode was no different. While Bonnie’s story about Sam almost raping her may have been fabricated to help convince Asher that she killed Sam, retrospectively, it is easy to see where the basis of that story came from. After Asher decides to go ahead and testify for the DA anyway, Annalise shows him a video from Bonnie’s childhood to show him exactly what made Bonnie the way that she is. The video shows a childhood Bonnie in a room with her father who is filming the two of them as he begins to sexually abuse her. While, thankfully, the abuse itself was not directly shown on-screen, the revelation itself has the same traumatizing effect.

Honorable Mention: Blindspot (Jane Doe remembers her childhood)


shelby and alex have a heart to heart


Quantico has had many interesting relationship developments over its first few episodes. One of the most standout friendships is that of the new roommates, Shelby and Alex. While the two have hit a few rough patches here and there, they have seemed to hit it off pretty well. After this episode’s particularly rough patch caused quite a rift in their relationship, their little heart-to-heart moment was quite a heartwarming scene to watch. Of course, it’s hard to take that with the travesty that their friendship seems to be in the future, it was still quite a sweet moment between the two.


LEITH tells claude he has feelings for her


Yes. Leith and Claude have won this for the second week in a row. I just can’t help it, the two of them are so incredibly adorable together! All of their scenes can very easily qualify for this award. This week the scene that particularly stood out was when Claude accidentally walks in on Leith having sex with one of her handmaidens and seems visibly upset by this. Leith proceeds to chase after her and tell her that he had been having confusing feelings about her and in an effort to keep himself from doing something stupid, decided to sleep with one of her handmaidens, because he is aware of the dangers of falling for a woman above his station. Claude, while a little miffed at first, is completely heartened by this moment as she realizes that he has just confessed his feelings for her. Sigh. These two, I swear.

FUNNIEST SCENE: supernatural

angel and demon discuss workplace problems


Management problems transcend worldly boundaries evidently, and Supernatural showed us just that when an Angel and a Demon walked into a bar, and instead of killing each other, decided to drink their work troubles away together. See, we’re all not so different deep down.


oliver takes a bullet (or really a playing card) for diggle


Arrow is not quite the same when its biggest bromance are at odds with each other. Fights between Oliver and Diggle tend to always bring down the mood of the show because of how integral their friendship is to the show, dating back all the way to the pilot. After Oliver kidnapped Lyla last season to exchange her for Nyssa, their friendship has not been the same. And honestly, who can blame Diggle. It was kind of a jerk move by Oliver. Diggle has spent the beginning of this season giving Oliver an extremely frozen shoulder, so it came as a welcome surprise when the two rekindled their friendship while in pursuit of Double Down. Much of which occurred after Oliver took a potentially fatal playing card hit by jumping in front of John.


nyssa and malcolm fight


Arrow’s beautifully choreographed fight sequences never fail to blow my mind, and this week was no different. When Laurel and Thea travelled to Nanda Parbat, we were treated to a brilliantly done sparring match between Malcolm and Nyssa. I suppose Arrow has quite a good hold over this category with its realistic and gritty action sequences.

Honorable Mention: Blindspot 

BEST PLOT-TWIST: once upon a time

snow and charming dupe arthur


Snow and Charming’s disagreement from this week’s episode definitely made the temperature in the castle drop by quite a few degrees. While Snow decided to side with Lancelot, Charming couldn’t help step away from his newly found bromance with King Arthur, and since Lancelot and Arthur have quite a history together, this caused a rift between our favorite fairytale couple. What seemed like Snow playing Charming and stealing the dagger from him, turned out to be quite a well crafted ruse as the end of the episode revealed that Charming and Snow, while initially in disagreement, had been working together the whole episode to figure out what Arthur was up to, and whether he could be trusted. The answer was quite obviously no.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! Remember to check back next sunday for the upcoming week’s Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 


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