Ship Wars: Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin fans! Excited for the Season 2 premiere tonight? I know I am!

Now that Jane has finally delivered her baby, (though he’s been kidnapped!!!) we are left wondering how this season will pan out? As if Jane didn’t have enough on her plate with becoming a mom and trying to make her dreams of being a writer a reality, she’s stuck in quite the love triangle.

Before Jane found out she was pregnant, she was happily in a relationship with her detective boyfriend, Michael Cordero. They even became engaged after she learned she was pregnant. Unfortunately, things started to go downhill from there, and they soon broke up.

Jane also formed feelings towards Rafael Solano, which were reciprocated, and caused the Michael/Jane break up. Rafael is the owner of the hotel she works at and the biological father of her baby.

*For anyone who’s NOT already watching. Rafael had frozen a specimen before he did chemo because he knew he would be infertile after and he wanted to make sure he could have kids some day. His wife, trying to secure their relationship that was very shaky, decided to unfreeze it and inseminate herself. BUT, his sister (the OB/GYN) had just had a nasty breakup and mixed up her sister-in-law with Jane – who was another patient that was just there for a pap smear. So Jane got inseminated and the sister-in-law got the pap smear.

Sadly, as Jane’s pregnancy progressed Rafael and Jane hit a rough patch and decided to be just friends.

After both relationships ended the boys decided they wanted her back! (SHOCKER). Is she willing to choose one? Who do you think Jane should be with during season 2? The baby’s father or the guy she’s already in love? Are you Team Michael? Or are you Team Rafael? Vote below.

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Vote now, and don’t miss the Season 2 premiere of Jane the Virgin, Monday at 8/7c only on the CW!




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