Genre-Bending Hip-Hop Artist Bryce Vine Teams Up with Spotify for New Acoustic EP

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From the moment that Bryce Vine released his EP “Lazy Fair” last year, I knew that he was destined for greatness. In many ways, “Lazy Fair” reflected influences from both the East and West Coast music cultures, which makes sense, as Vine was born and raised in NYC but moved to California later in life. With a unique sound that many critics deemed “hip-pop,” Bryce’s music was just the right amount of hip-hop beats, rap rhythm and pop catchiness to keep any listener intrigued. In addition, his tracks were rich with fun vibes and messages of positivity in a vein similar to artists such as B.o.B. Needless to say, I was excited about this new artist and anxious to hear more.

Lucky for me, Vine has continued his trend of making innovative and ear-catching music with the release of his new EP “Lazier Fair” on Spotify earlier this week. A three-track EP, “Lazier Fair” is an acoustic reimagining of some of his biggest hits, giving them a more relaxed, day-on-the-beach vibe. “Sour Patch Kids” is gifted with a new raw vocal verse, while “Where The Wild Things Are” is infused with a brand new Latin beat that is equal parts eerie and emotional. On the whole, “Lazier Fair” really exemplifies what a versatile musician Bryce Vine is. In addition, these new tracks reflect his punk rock past; in the early days, when he attended the renowned Berkeley College of Music in Boston, Vine was in a punk band, where his practice of writing his songs on acoustic guitar first began. Altogether, “Lazier Fair” is about showcasing that there is more to Vine’s music than unrelenting hip-hop beats and satirical pop lyrics; there is real music there that deserves to be recognized. Head on over to Spotify and give it a listen!


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