Winterthorne Wraps Episode 4 with Delicious Twists and Turns

images (1)Winterthorne episode 4 offered the twists and turns that have highlighted the previous episodes. In addition, fans were given some new delicious plots to sample.

The main characters, Miranda, Victor, Maxmillian and Colin, were deep in secrets, but the family managed to put aside their differences to unite for a common goal. Once again actors Martha Madison, Michael Caruso, Gordon Thomson and Josh Thrower delivered Emmy caliber work.  These skilled performers know their characters so well and are so flawless in translating the characters’ motivations on-screen.

In a role similar to her General Hospital character Maxie Jones, guest star Kirsten Storms was delightful as Selene, Miranda’s wayward sister.

Over the last three weeks, fans have become enamored with the splendor that is Winterthorne. Great characters and riveting plots along with scenic marvels and powerful musical scoring have been the hallmark of Winterthorne which, in itself, is an incredible feat considering that each episode is less than 30 minutes of screen time.

While Episode 4 is the end of this first installment of this amazing screen endeavor, Winterthorne’s passionate fans are praying that the series returns for a season 2.

Are there any “Gods of Candy” that we can pray to in order for Season 2 to become a reality?


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