The Dating Game on Significant Mother

How would you feel if your mother set you up on a date through a dating service?

That was the question facing Nate on the Significant Mother episode titled “Get Forked”. Both Lydia and Jimmy felt that he was too uptight and thought if he went out more, Nate would loosen up.

Nate agrees to go on the dates, and those were the funniest scenes in the episode. The selection of women ranged from those without proper eating skills to one who was downright scary. Nate’s facial expressions were priceless. Josh Zuckerman shines in scenes where he has to react to circumstances.

The woman Nate chooses is Annie, played by Hart of Dixie’s Mircea Monroe. Annie and Josh Zuckerman’s Nate definitely had chemistry. I’d like to see her return for future episodes.

Many Significant Mother fans feel as though the perfect woman for Nate is right in front of him, Sam (played by Emma Fitzpatrick).  But Sam is already involved with Atticus (Jay Ali). Will a love triangle brew between these three characters?

Directed by Jonathan Silverman, “Get Forked” was another enjoyable outing for Significant Mother.  It was nice seeing Richard Keith’s wife Sarah and Erin Cardillo’s husband, Joe lend their talents to the show.

With only three episodes remaining in season 1 and a lot of great story line possibilities, here’s hoping the show is renewed for a second season.

Significant Mother airs Mondays at 9:30/8:30c on The CW.

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