Rock n’ Roll Plus Fanboys Equals Black Powder County

Black Powder County is an explosive rock and roll band based out of Eugene, Oregon with an international flare.  Lead guitarist Decoy is originally from Australia and brings a little bit of down under swagger to the Pacific Northwest quartet.  Their debut EP is called Black Powder Syndicate and contains a set of four original tracks that will hook you with the first shattering notes through to the last without slowing down or losing impact.

The music is hard-driving and rowdy rock and roll, reminiscent of bands like Aerosmith, Guns & Roses, AC/DC, Velvet Revolver, Skid Row and Metallica.  Quite simply, this music is made to rock your soul. The blazing guitar riffs soar and the steady bass beat can be felt from the bottom of your feet through to the top of your head.  Combined with a stellar effort on drums by Turbo, the rhythm section never gives you a chance to catch your breath.

Decoy, Turbo, Manny, Jake (who is currently on leave to play daddy) and Derek (who has recently joined the band as second guitar), have taken inspiration for some of the cuts on this EP from a few of their favorite movies and TV shows including Supernatural, The Fast and Furious franchise and Sons of Anarchy.

Give the EP a listen and see if you can match the tunes to the shows!  The band performs frequently throughout the Pacific Northwest and mixes their original music with covers for their live performances.

Black Powder County is currently working on their second EP, which has been recorded live and will contain four new songs!  If you are a fan of honest, blazing rock and roll, you’ll want to jump on this bandwagon now and down load Black Powder Syndicate so that you’ll be ready for their sophomore
effort.  The tracks are titled Rain, When the Devil Knows Your Name, Ledfoot and Blackberry Wine.

Head on over to iTunes to down load the EP and then strap yourself in for a crazy ride accompanied by some hard-core rock and roll.


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