Exclusive Interview with Aeriél Miranda


Texas native Aeriél Miranda is best known for roles on Pretty Little Liars, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, The Tomorrow People and Jennifer Falls. Currently, she is starring as LaVetta in Straight Outta Compton. Read our interview below.

You recently starred in Straight Outta Compton, can you tell us more about your role in the film?

I portray Andre Young’s (Dr. Dre’s) first baby momma, LaVetta in the film. This relation between he & I presents an aspect of Dre’s life pre-fame & success, that reflects struggle & pain in his younger years as it relates to his personal experiences. I and my daughter in the film represent one of several conflicts in his life, being a figure in a way that symbolizes a semi cross roads for Dre, having to acknowledge,  face & decide what to do as it relates to the realities of his world and the vision he was wishing to pursue at the time. So the audience gets to see some of the sacrifices that each member of NWA had to carry out in the making of their legacy. 

A lot of your scenes were with Dr. Dre’s character, what was it like working with him?

Well yes, if we’re referring to Corey Hawkins – he’s amazing, great actor and humble spirit. I have such a great respect and admiration for his background as a theatre actor and being a Juilliard graduate, he definitely takes his craft seriously and that is evident in his work ethic. Some of my first scenes were filmed at the very beginning of the entire shoot so everyone was pretty much fresh and extremely excited to be apart of the making of this film! 

What initially drew you into this project?

The telling of a good story, especially one that is real and true is always exciting. I Love Hip Hop. I love NWA, I love Biopics and to be apart of this particular  biopic in any way was my goal. Honestly, being a part of any worthy life story is a goal of mine. To know that F. Gary Grey would direct along with Dre and Cube being a part of it as producers, well that of course was the cherry on top. That especially meant that the film, the story and legacy of NWA would be cared for and done right. The heart that was put into this movie shows and people will get that. Straight Outta Compton was made with love. 

What about it do you think audiences will appreciate the most?

The rawness … in story telling and portrayal of the characters. Even though the movie doesn’t delve into the details of each members life, you still get a sense of everyones persona and role as it relates to the group. All the characters made you feel something, and they all drew out a different and unique emotion from the audience. It’s an extremely exciting movie with impactful moments and lasting visuals. 

Before Straight Outta Compton, your work was mainly in television. What was it like transitioning from television to a feature film?

Yes, as much as I love television I would have to say that film is where my heart is. It’s two different worlds and I feel I belong in film. There’s something that I absolutely adore about film making. Not to say I’m opposed to TV, TV is great especially now days. I just feel a stronger excitement and attachment to film, therefore the transition for me was quite easy 🙂

We’re big Pretty Little Liars fans over at Talk Nerdy so we have to ask if there are any plans on seeing Shana again?

Oh PLL! The thing about it is, you never know! Pretty Little Liars is a great suspense. Last time you saw Shana, I was knocked off a stage but it was never truly confirmed if I was dead or not. 

Also – were you surprised by who was A?


Any upcoming projects to share?

Unfortunately, at the moment I can’t discuss the projects that I am currently up for, however, you can follow me on Twitter & Instagram @AERIELMIRANDA and stay updated! I will say that the projects that ARE in the works will be a great excitement for my fans, I guess I’ll keep it a surprise. I kind of like it that way.

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