Book Review- By Sunset: A Dragons Races Tale by Ty Langston

Ty  Langston weaves colorful, almost poetic language with an imaginative plot and fascinating characters in her fictional treasure By Sunset: A Dragons Races Tale .  The story is set in a world where love collides with family loyalty and self-preservation.  Langston uses words as her palette painting vivid imagery that delightfully sustains the literary journey.  In addition, the external conflict is a foundation for the characters’ internal struggles. Romantic elements also shadow the narrative.

The book introduces readers to the fantastical kingdoms of Kergan and Tacorian. One of the main protagonist is Olivia who serves as a lady in waiting to Princess Isabelle of Kergan. When Olivia goes for a swim, she is immediately taken with the mysterious stranger she meets. The two experience a powerful, sensual connection.

Another protagonist, Prince Julian, is hell-bent on restoring Kergan to its former glory by winning the dragons race and retrieving the family jewels.  The actions of the King had placed Kergan in precarious standing.  Prince Caleb of Tacorian is Julian’s worthy adversary fighting for victory for Tacorian.

Langston’s skilled writing provides a treasure for the fantasy reader connoisseur.  The world she creates is a magical splendor, a place full of energy and suspense.  This mixture of danger and excitement, permeating throughout the book, is palpable for the reader.

While Caleb is an antagonist, Langston’s masterful writing allows the reader to go beyond the confining label of villain.  Instead, we see a man torn between family loyalty and his own romantic yearnings.

For the reader who isn’t well-versed in the fantasy genre, Langston doesn’t disappoint.  With well drawn characters and a riveting, fast pace story, there is so much to keep the reader interested and engaged.  Further, whether intentional or not,  the family loyalty and revenge elements speak to  Shakespearean influences.  Finally, the theme of destiny is peppered throughout the book.

Langston may have crafted a surreal adventure, but the emotions she portrays are quite real and intense.  My only wish is that the book would have been longer.  Yet, By Sunset: A Dragons Races Tale definitely proves the old adage: Good things do indeed come in small packages.

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