Why Supernatural fans should watch Rookie Blue

Supernatural is a show about two brothers who travel around the country in a classic 1967 Impala fighting supernatural evil and saving the world from the Apocalypse, while Rookie Blue is a cop show centering around officers of District 15.

These two shows are as different as oil and water. So, why should  Supernatural fans watch Rookie Blue?

Well, quite simply if you enjoy seeing actors who appeared on Supernatural, Rookie Blue offers a cornucopia of Supernatural alumnus.  In addition to actresses Erin Karpluk and Cindy Sampson having recurring roles, literally every week a former Supernatural guest star appears on Rookie Blue.

Since Supernatural and Rookie Blue are filmed in Canada (Vancouver and Toronto respectively) and both shows hire local Canadian actors, it’s easy to see how their guest cast are similar. Just in season 6 alone, I counted over ten former Supernatural guest actors on Rookie Blue. I think one day I may do an experiment to determine the total number of  Supernatural guest actor appearances throughout Rookie Blue’s tenure.

So, if you want to see some of your old Supernatural favorites, give Rookie Blue a try. It is a well written and acted drama, watching it would be a winning viewing decision.

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