What would Jane the Virgin fans like to see from Britney Spears appearance

Today, it was announced that Britney Spears would be making an appearance in Season Two of Jane the Virgin. Immediately I started to think about what fans would like to see from the superstar’s appearance.

If Britney plays herself, it would limit a lot of great storyline possibilities.

Jane could see Britney’s character at The Marbella and could take a dislike to her after spotting her coming on to Rafael. Or perhaps, Britney could play a new co-star in Riogelio’s TV show and get her full bitch on.

Hey, a bitchey character named Britney worked so well on UnREAL, think of what the real Britney could do for Jane the Virgin.

Regardless of the character Britney plays, fans are eager to see her on Jane the Virgin.


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