Twinning’s Kamila and Kristina prove they have what it takes to win

Kamila and Kristina faced a challenging experience that tested their twin bond and put their standing in the competition in jeopardy.

Episode 5 of Twinning saw these Ukraine siblings in a violent argument with contestants Je and Li. This put both sets of twins’ ability to continue in the competition in question.

The twin bond is a very strong thing and when one twin is threatened, the other immediately takes action to defend his/her sibling.  Although the factions in the blue and green houses may have been divided on who was really at fault, none of them could honestly say they wouldn’t have responded the same if put in a similar situation.

Both Je and Li and Kamila and Kristina were allowed to continue in the competition upon the agreement of everyone in the house.

The biggest issue hanging over Kamila and Kristina was whether they could defeat Dylan and Taylor in the postponed twin-off.  The girls seem to have an unbreakable bond, but would their mental connection, their ‘twinstinct’, be strong enough to guarantee a victory?

The answer turned out to be yes! The girls defeated the guys.

It looks like the Maries aren’t the only female twins to watch out for. Kamila and Kristina proved they were a force to be reckoned with.

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