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Well yesterday was the season finale of Teen Wolf and I still don’t know how to feel. Theo is definitely crazy, but Cody Christian is such a phenomenal actor that I tend to overlook his manipulation and narcissism. A basic run down of what happened is that Scott is now left without a pack, and Theo has a pack full of zombie chimeras. Shooting for season 5B also began yesterday, but that means that we begin the dreaded 5-month hiatus until Teen Wolf returns. In the meantime, we can focus on the positives. I want to know which Beacon Hills relationship you think will make it through the next season?

599874e3eb6b6f6bb386474c244c79bcDo you pick Liam and Hayden? Liam’s storyline has expanded this season, but he clearly still can’t quite fully control his temper. Since he has made up for the 6th grade, his relationship with Hayden has started to build. Even though the Dread Doctors are trying to tear them apart, Liam has shown that he is willing to go to great lengths to protect her. Even Theo with his cold, beautiful, evil heart ships them and even fought off the Dread Doctors to protect her. But now that she’s essentially a zombie, will she even remember Liam and the connection that they formed?


tumblr_inline_nopxhpMMvH1qik2ew_500Do you pick Stiles and Malia? With all that has been going on with the Desert Wolf and Donovan, the pair hasn’t had much interaction this season. Honestly, they really haven’t talked to each other since Malia left Stiles in the library the night Donovan was killed. We know that they are still sleeping together since Malia mentioned that she saw the bite on his shoulder in his sleep, but there is definitely some tension between the two of them, and not the good kind.


tyler-posey-and-arden-choDo you pick Scott and Kira? Even though Kira isn’t technically in Beacon Hills right now, she didn’t officially break up with Scott when she left. Scott is having major trust issues with all of his friends, but if Kira learns to control her abilities, they may be able to re-establish their relationship. Jeff Davis has confirmed Kira for Season 5B, but Scott has so much on his plate when it comes to bringing the pack back together, his relationship with her might not be a priority.


maxresdefaultDo you pick Lydia and Parrish? Although they are not officially a couple yet, they definitely share a connection through their ability to find dead bodies. Lydia and Parrish are helping each other figure out what their true powers are. The only unanswered question that might jeopardize this relationship is the return of Aiden. If Aiden really is alive, Lydia might chose him over the deputy.

Vote for your favorites below, and if anyone needs me I’ll be checked into Eichen House until 5B premieres in January.

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