Marcia and Jan Brady: a Look at the Sister Relationship

In honor of National Sisters Day, let’s take a look at the famous television sitcom sisters, Marcia and Jan Brady of The Brady Bunch.

There’s no doubt that Marcia and Jan loved each other but like all sisters, they experienced moments of sibling rivalry, particularly Jan who suffered from the standard issues that come with being the middle child. She felt she was not popular (like Marcia) and not cute (like Cindy). To Jan, everything was about ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia’.

But for Marcia, she had no idea why Jan felt any sort of  jealousy. She believed her sister had a lot going for her, the least of which, Jan was a gifted artist. However throughout the series run, the sister rivalry between Marcia and Jan was explored in several episodes.

In the end, like all sisters, any disagreements Marcia and Jan had were patched up because of their deep love for each other and their sister bond.  They even had a double wedding and moved into a house together (That’s the way they became The Brady Brides…but that’s another story).

The Brady Bunch airs on MeTV. Check schedule for days and times and your local listings for a channel in your area.


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