How to fight Baby Daddy blues

It’s Wednesday night,

And there’s no Baby Daddy in sight,

Are you blue?

What’s a viewer to do?

I can understand how you feel. I miss my “Bon-Bon”, Danny, Riley, Ben and Tucker too. After the events of the season finale, it seems as though the wait will be FOREVER until the series returns with a new episode.

Well, here’s some suggestions to help fight the Baby Daddy Blues:

Try reliving the series from the beginning. Baby Daddy is available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. If you want to see how it all got started.  Or maybe you want to see how much Ben and the gang have grown. Emma too…literally.

If you are a Melissa Peterman fan, her previous series Reba airs week nights on ABC Family (Check your local listings for time and channel in your area).

Finally, when a new friend goes away, it’s always helpful to meet new people.  To that end, watch the series that took Baby Daddy’s time slot Kevin From Work. What’s almost as fun as watching the antics of adults trying to raise a baby? A great work place comedy.

Baby Daddy, we miss you but we’ll try to do our best to cope while you’re away.

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