Beauty and The Beast’s Liam: A beast with a long legacy

As if things weren’t already complicated enough for Vincent in his dealings with the super-charged beastie killer Liam, a shocking revelation came to light.

Beauty and The Beast delivered a high octane episode in Season 3, Episode 11 titled Unbreakable.

Audiences already knew that Liam was dangerous, a beast like none Vincent had ever faced. But until this episode, what they didn’t know was that Liam is over two hundred years old. Liam proves that beasts are like fine wine, their killer abilities only get better with age. To further complicate matters, he is also a part of Vincent and Catherine’s destiny through his connection to their ancestors.

The entire episode showed Liam seeking to corrupt Vincent into embracing and unleashing his inner beast. He is like the person who is a bad influence your mother warns you to not follow. If Liam jumps off a building, are you going to do it too? In this case, yes, Vincent did.

Actor Jason Gedrick portrays Liam with chilling perfection, making him a force to be reckoned with.

With only two episodes left until the season finale, Beauty and the Beast is pulling out all the stops.

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