Ship Wars: Sense8

If you have a Netflix account and you haven’t watched Sense8 yet, you need to re-evaluate your life choices. In the beginning I thought that it wasn’t for me, but after six hours of straight bingeing, I realized that it is truly a show for everyone. I fell in love with each of the Sensates as they in turn fell in love with each other. Of course I do have a couple of favorites, but I want to know who you think the cutest Sensate pairing is on the show.


Do you pick Will and Riley? They have made many sacrifices for each other and even though their love may be dangerous, it is beautiful. He loves her so much that he was willing to fly all the way across the world to save her. She loves him so much that she was willing to face one of her biggest fears in order to ensure not only his safety, but also that of their cluster.


Do you pick Kala and Wolfgang? Even though their personalities and ideals differ, that is exactly why they are meant to be together. They reveal each other’s inner thoughts and desires in a way that surprises them both. Also, Kala has already seen Wolfgang naked, so they are pretty much halfway there.


Do you pick Will and Lito? The scenes in episode six and the finale speak for themselves. *wink*

All in all, Sense8 is truly amazing and Netflix would be making a huge mistake if they didn’t renew it for another season. But in the meantime, vote for your favorites below!

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