Pretty Little Liars. FrAmed. Recap Episode 608

Alright Liars. We’re almost there! Only one more episode left until the Pretty Little Liars summer finale! FAceToFace.

So much has happened and so much continues to happen as this week’s episode, “FrAmed” got us in all sorts of paranoia and surprising moments.

Here are some crazy moments from last night’s episode!

RED. COAT. IS. BACK. I repeat, RED. COAT. IS. BACK. Is A’s partner in crime back to help out ChArles? Does he need an extra hand or something? I thought he had all this scheming shenanigans all under control.

*New character, alert!*

Mr. Matthews is ready to see you now. We were introduced to Rhys Matthews, the guy Spencer and Hanna go to see in regards to Hanna’s scholarship award. Let’s not forget the fact that he looks so much like Jason! Could…he be ChArles? [Laughs] naaah, too easy. But he does resemble Jason a lot. Something’s up with him. Even Tanner has an eye on him!

ChArles ruined Aria’s chance at an internship opportunity when he switched her original photography portrait to the picture of Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer lying unconscious on the metal table at the A’s Dollhouse. I mean, who could forget that moment?! His message with that photo was basically screaming out “You’re still mine”. Vengeful indeed.


Alison is on sibling protection mode and we don’t know why. She made sure Lorenzo was asleep, even made him soup and did his laundry! She went to the Police Department to dig up some evidence about her brother. After all he’s done, it seems like all she wants to know is the truth, but she doesn’t want to cause ChArles harm. Why is she so determined to keep ChArles safe?

Clarke! What’s going on? What is his agenda? Is this another red herring?


Can’t wait until  next week’s episode! ChArles’ and Red Coat are going to prom and it’s about to go down!

What did you think of “FrAmed”? Comment below!

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