Poldark: Review of Episode 3

A mine opening. A birth. A prison sentence. A marriage.  Poldark Episode 3 packed a lot of story into its short hour. I was looking forward to this episode more than any other as it featured an appearance by the original Captain Ross Poldark actor Robin Ellis.

The scenes between the former and current Ross were a joy to see and were powerfully played in the hands of pros Ellis and Aiden Turner. Robin Ellis played a cold-hearted magistrate who refused to show mercy even after Turner as Ross delivered an impassioned plea for leniency on behalf of his employee Jim Carter who was for poaching (a crime punishable by hanging or a long prison sentence).

Sadly, even though he has a fatal lung condition, Jim is sentenced to two years in prison.  Ross, disheartened by his own class, makes a move that will intertwine his and Demelza’s lives.

How will Ross and Demelza’s story unfold? Tune in next Sunday at 9:00 for Episode 4 of Poldark on PBS.

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