Book Review: Sins of the Fathers’ by Genie Bowdoin

“Anger, fear and regret.  Those were the emotions running through Matthew Benson as he watched his sister being tied up, her limp body looking like a rag doll.”

With those descriptively chilling words, author Genie Bowdoin is the architect of a well-written, compelling, crime mystery in Sins of the Fathers’. Carefully and wonderfully methodic, Bowdoin uses language, plot and characters as the fundamental building blocks of a fascinating tale.  The result: A fast pace, psychological thriller that will leave readers riveted.

In Sins of the Fathers’, citizens are on edge when a string of murders plague their city. Detectives Kris Parker, Jonas Evans and Quinton Wright are called in to investigate the crimes and apprehend the elusive killer. What the police have to determine is the link between the victims and stop the deadly rampage.

Bowdoin’s writing style is clear and engaging. In addition, the book reveals Bowdoin’s understanding of police and forensic procedures. The language pays homage to the sophistication and intrigue that frames crime scene investigations. Sins of the Fathers’ will excite CSI fans.  Even readers who aren’t fans of the criminal investigative genre will find themselves eager to analyze and assemble the pieces of the mystery.  Foreshadowing is present in the book, but not overpowering. And like any well-written mystery, the twists and turns are very satisfying.

I recommend Sins of the Fathers’ as a marvelously enjoyable read.


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