Beauty and the Beast: The CW Show That Survives

The CW’s Beauty and the Beast recently began its third season despite low ratings that have caused the cancellations of other shows.  Beauty and the Beast tells the story of Vincent Keller, played by Jay Ryan, a doctor and former soldier who because of experiments conducted on him by a nefarious government agency, has developed beast-like abilities which include super strength.  Vincent is in love with Catherine Chandler, played by Kristin Kreuk (formerly Lana Lang on The CW’s Smallville) a Manhattan Police Detective.

Catherine’s feelings for Vincent turned romantic after she found out he once saved her life.  After discovering his secret, this beauty and her beast worked together to take down corrupt government agency Merfield.  With help from their friends JT and Tess, Catherine and Vincent have survived impossible odds.  The same goes for the show itself.

Beauty and the Beast has struggled in the ratings and faces the threat of cancellation every season.  Yet, like a phoenix rising from the ashes it endures.  It has a loyal fan base and series star Kristin Kreuk has even won a People’s Choice Award.

It’s doubtful whether Beauty and the Beast will ever see a significant ratings increase or air outside of The CW’s summer season, but it has been renewed for a fourth season.  Like Catherine and Vincent’s love, Beauty and the Beast is a survivor.


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