8123 Releases ‘The Bambinos’ First EP

The Bambinos duo featuring singer and songwriter Austin Gibbs and Brennan Smiley (The Technicolors) released their brand new self-titled EP today via 8123.

The musical duo first released their single ‘The Power’ in December 2014, fast forward to Summer 2015 and The Bambinos now have a self-titled EP featuring four new songs and their first single. After first meeting back in 2012 Gibbs and Smiley discussed collaborating but were often met with difficulty given their distance. Gibbs was in Nashville while Smiley was in Phoenix. Jump to 2014 where their schedules finally aligned and the duo wrote five songs in just four days.

The EP can be streamed via www.81twentythree.com and is also available on iTunes.

Be sure to follow @8123 on Twitter for updates on their entire musical roster as well as updates for The Bambinos.


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