Zombeavers! They are after YOU!


The movie starts out with a bang! The opening sequence sets the stage for a cheeky fun ride. Let me ask a question to the men. Do you guys think us girls just always swim around half-naked when we think no one is around? Do you believe that girls that are friends make out all the time too? Is this a common occurence in your mind?
I hate to burst your bubbles, but most of us don’t do that.

As if on cue though, the boys show up. What b rated horror movie wouldn’t be complete without one couple having sex and another one fighting? I know I personally don’t know many! Brings back flashbacks of the classic slasher movie formula! This movie did, however, do a great job making me chuckle with all of the stereotypical blunders, without being a bad cheese.

The raunchy sex scenes did justice to the sexual innuendo on the word beavers. The ending was a splendid turn of events though! I have to say not half bad. General synopsis: it was delightfully cheesy with a great humor about itself. However, if you are looking for a “scare you outta your gourd” or a movie that will completely freak you out this isn’t the movie for you I hate to say.


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