War Games: Can They Keep a Holding Pattern on Success?

After reviewing War Games’ latest album Holding Patterns and the music video for their newest single Foundations, I can say that they do have a great uptempo beat and powerful vocals.

Perhaps too powerful.

On the majority of the tracks, I found the overlapping vocals overbearing, making the lyrics incomprehensible. Don’t get me wrong; I liked the songs–I just couldn’t tell what they were singing about. Reading the lyrics as I listened helped, but even then sometimes I couldn’t keep track of, well, the track.

My favorite songs on the album, Anxiety Tracks, Submerge Me, Foundations,and Holding Patterns, all happen to be tracks where the overlap is least noticeable. It’s still there, but the lyrics are easier to follow. This is especially beneficial for Submerge Me, which has such beautiful lyrics that they evoke both visual and tactile sensations as you listen.

The video for Foundations was a refreshing change from the normal cookie cutter video you normally see. The band took footage that they shot themselves during their UK tour, and I’m not talking just footage of them playing venues. In Foundations, we get to see candid video of the band sightseeing, driving, and yes, getting tattooed while on tour. It was an up close and personal look into their downtime while touring, something I’m sure fans will appreciate.

Overall, Holding Patterns is a fun album to listen to, though I would recommend keeping a copy of the lyrics handy to fully appreciate the deep thoughts and emotions put into each song.

Watch the Foundations video here:



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