Hannibal Season Three Premiere “Antipasto”

If you’re anything like me, no matter how good the show, you may find it difficult to remember what happened on it if it’s been on hiatus for a little bit longer than a year. Hannibal, which ended in May of last year, came back last week on June 4th on NBC with it’s third season. While staying aesthetically pleasing as ever with great cinematography and musical score, this season premiere did little to fill in the watcher on what happened in the previous seasons and what went down during the hiatus. It was an extremely slow paced episode that followed Hannibal and his old therapist Bedelia Du Maurier, and their new life in Europe after the carnage that went down at the end of season two. Rather than focusing on the negative let’s look at some good things. Here’s just two things you need to really take away from the Hannibal Season Three Premiere “Antipasto”:

  1. Bedelia

It was pretty awesome getting to see more of Bedelia, who we just got caught glimpses of before. Her and Hannibal’s relationship is extremely fascinating and while she is hesitant you get the sense that she is still along for the ride.

  1. That line Hannibal delivered to perfection that’s still ringing in my ears.

About a third of the way through the episode Hannibal is speaking to Anthony prompting him to come over for dinner. He says, “If you’re free, my wife and I would love to have you for dinner”. It’s that kind of ironic pun that this show does best. This double meaning was dark and funny and typical Hannibal and I loved it. As the viewer you know that he literally means that he wants to eat this poor guy for dinner and he has no idea.

I have a few more hours until the new episode airs over here in California, but I look forward to watching it. The first episode was very slow but I have a feeling we’re gearing up for a big season. Seeing Will and the other main characters’ return should be interesting and I’m ready for the ride.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re excited to see this season!

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