5 Artists That Are a Must See This Summer

Summer is the season of music! Most artists tour during summer and there are festivals taking place all across the country. With so many amazing performers heading out on the road during the summer months, it can be hard to pick which ones to drop the cash on to go see. I’m here to offer a helping hand and make this decisions a bit easier, whether you catch them on their headlining tour or a festival near you, these are musicians I think that everyone needs to put at the top of their must see list!



Created by Jack Antonoff, the former lead guitarist of Fun., this indie pop band has a great sound and even better live show. The jokes and loads of crowd participation are only the beginning. Bleachers puts on a high energy show with a good balance of ballads and upbeat music.

The next best part after the amazing music is the band’s excited demeanor. They never stop moving and they obviously love the music they’re playing, and being able to play it! If you get the chance to see these guys perform and get lucky enough to make it to the front row, don’t be shocked if Jack jumps down from the stage and uses your hand to boost himself up onto the barricade. It is his specialty!

These guys have a full concert schedule from now through the end of October throughout the US and Europe. Also catch these guys on tour with Charli XCX and Borns. They’ll be on the Jack and Charli Do America Tour from July 21st until August 12th.



From Los Angeles, California AWOLNATION was created and is fronted by Aaron Bruno. The band is commonly known for their 2011 hit song “Sail,” but whether you hate that song or you love it, AWOLNATION has much more to offer! The band’s recently released second album, Run, is filled with electronic, rock, and alternative vibes making it an exciting listen. AWOL has an exciting live show to match!

With Bruno’s carefree dance moves, the overall high energy, and the band’s amazing live sound there is nothing bad about seeing these guys live and in person. I hope you like dancing and vibing with hundreds or even thousands of people, because both are completely unavoidable at an AWOL show!

The Run Tour began on May 27th, but doesn’t end in America until August 7th in Montana. There are multiple festivals and regular concert dates left on the schedule. And, for those traveling overseas this summer the band is playing multiple European music festivals through the months of August and September. So if your schedule is open and you’re looking for a summer concert, AWOLNATION should definitely be on that list!


Elle King 

King began playing music at age 13. She plays the guitar as well as the banjo. She released her self-titled EP in 2012, and in February of 2015 she released her first full length album entitled Love Stuff. While her stardom has not yet reached epic proportions, her stage presence has, making her a must see performer!

King’s music has roots in blues, country, and rock but her performance has roots in comedy, fun, and friendliness. She is known to comment on quirky things she sees in the audience, and while some artists may ignore shouts they hear from the crowd, King is sure to respond and laugh the entire time. She automatically makes the listener feel at home and feel like an old friend as she sips a can of beer while she picks her banjo, covering fun throwbacks like R. Kelly’s “Ignition.” If King’s jokes and down-to-earth feel don’t make you fall in love with her, then her voice will. She has this uniquely raspy voice that flows smoothly over the gritty, soulful melodies, making King an easy yet intriguing listen.

King currently has 29 shows scheduled from now until the end of October throughout America, the UK, and Canada. She’s playing mostly in smaller venues which adds to her comfortable, laid back vibe. She has also been playing along the festival circuit at Hangout Fest, Lollapalooza,and Beale Street Music Festival. If you can catch this soon to be music queen live, I highly suggest you do!


While he is most popular for the hit song “Take Me To Church” he has so much more to offer and he

does just that with his live performances. Hozier’s live vocals are equal to, if not better than the studio version. With angels for backup singers and a fabulous cellist, this live performance is not one you want to miss.

Many artists like to chat between songs, telling jokes or stories, but do not expect that from Mr. Andrew Hozier Byrne (that’s his real name in case you’ve ever wondered). He is a man of few words, sometimes waiting to speak until after he has played a couple of songs. Even then, it is only a sentence or so about the song or maybe the venue. He sips his hot tea between songs and then plays every song beautifully. While his silence may be a bit confusing at first, completely disregard it, because his show is still a magnificent piece of art.

Hozier has been playing sold out shows and festivals across America, and still has quite a bit of tour left. He has shows on his schedule from now through the middle of September across the U.S., Europe, and Canada, including a few music festivals here in America and in Europe. I definitely suggest seeing Hozier live, even if the only song you know is “Take Me To Church.” Once you hear the rest of his album live you will be forever changed!


Florence + The Machine 

It has been a long two years without any new music from this English indie rock band, but they have returned with a new album and a spectacular onstage performance. The band released their 3rd album in June 2015 , titled How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. It’s full of the amazing sound and lyrics that Florence fans have come to expect.  With an album full of fantastic energy, the stage show cannot be boring, but then again Florence has never been boring.

The band played Coachella and BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend before releasing the album. They played shows fit for a stadium tour. While the album versions of these songs  are perfection, the live versions are heavenly and when mixed with the gorgeous lighting and Florence Welch’s (the lead singer) non-stop movement it all makes for a delightful performance!

The band has just finished up playing Bonnaroo and Bestival, concluding their festival performances that were scheduled to promote the new album. But, fear not there will be chances to catch this band later in the year! The Big Beautiful Tour begins in early September and returns to the US in October, beginning in Nashville, Tennesee. It ends its run October 25th in Vancouver. Also, if you are traveling Europe this summer the band has shows on their schedule throughout the UK and Europe! Don’t miss the chance to see this amazing live show and hear Florence and the Machine’s new music!

Who are you most excited to see this summer? Let me know, in the comments below!

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