Review: Erin Alvey O’Sullivan ‘Tomahawk Love’

Erin Alvey O’Sullivan — the Country-singing, Atlanta Braves-loving Country songstress — recently released a video for her single ‘Tomahawk Love’ featuring Braves MVP Chipper Jones and Brooks Forester of ‘The Bachelorette.’



‘Tomahawk Love’ is a dose of down home Country in a time that’s overly saturated with its more mainstream Pop offshoot. With twang-laden guitars, a backing choir, and a Blues atmosphere at its core, ‘Tomahawk Love’ is bound to have listeners lining up en masse — as they do before the big game.

If you want to see this Southern Belle bring the Blues live, be sure to catch her at The Southern Club in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, May 24th, where she will be celebrating the release with a live show. Supporting her will be Scotty Cram and The Voice contestant Amy Whitcomb (season four).

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