Sleepy Hollow – The Golem S1E10

Now, I love a good ghost story, and “Sleepy Hollow” is right up there at the top of my list. Tom Mison’s “Ichabod Crane” is thrilling to watch, and Nicole Beharie’s “Lt. Abbie Mills” is totally down to earth and real. They work well together, but thankfully the writers aren’t doing the romance thing (Ichabbie? I don’t think so…). They make a great pair of investigative partners who have each other’s backs. If they were the same gender they could be Starsky and Hutch, or Cagney and Lacey, or Tubbs and Crockett, or… well, you get the picture.

Oh, and Ichabod’s authority on history is a great reason for all history teachers to tell their students to watch the show. These little tidbits of how things really happened, as opposed to popular beliefs, is an ingenious addition. Kudos to the writers! I just hope they do their research and don’t just make things up so Ichabod can be arbitrary with the latest tour guide or librarian. It can be both truthful and funny at the same time. Really.

That being said, was I the only one a bit disappointed that Jeremy died, never having had children of his own? Ichabod and Katrina’s son deserved a much better life than what was allotted him. The poor child accidentally kills his foster parents by setting the house on fire simply by crying, gets beaten regularly by the priest in charge of the orphanage, then remains a wandering, lonely young man with only his Golem to keep him company. On top of all that, he’s murdered in his teens by a coven of witches. Who decided Jeremy’s fate? I could think of half a dozen better ways for him to have lived and died. I truly hope that Jeremy’s suffering and untimely death will mean something more than it currently appears to. Leaving a Golem on the loose for his dad to kill off as our freak of the week just doesn’t seem enough of a reason for the boy to have been born in the first place. Hopefully he’ll figure in to the storyline later on too.

I also kind of wish that “The Four Who Speak As One” had somehow been forced to release Katrina before the Golem took them out, but I can see where their nastiness and refusal to help Ichabod (especially after murdering his son), made it much easier to root for the Golem to kill them all off. They gave witches a bad name, in my humble opinion. Besides, what would we do without Ichabod’s beloved Katrina? Katia Winter, in my not so humble opinion, is stunning in the role.

The sub-story of Orlando Jones’s “Frank Irving” and his family life is a nice touch, like adding in Abbie’s sister Jenny. Tonight though, we saw a demon threaten Jones’s daughter’s soul – not to mention Moloch himself putting in an appearance to threaten Abbie’s soul as well, telling Ichabod that he would be the one to deliver her soul to him. Yikes. I wonder how these three ever manage to sleep. I’d be having nightmares 24/7.

I am most happy to see John Noble’s “Henry Parrish” back for a second round. Hopefully he’ll at least be a recurring character. I’d love to see him as a regular. What an awesome character! I loved the way he choked Ichabod almost to death so he’d have a shorter distance to go to find Katrina. He’s so crazy he almost makes sense.

Speaking of Katrina – she deserved better, too. Banished to purgatory for saving her husband’s life? If being a good witch means you can’t save the lives of the ones you love, who would want to be a good witch? I’m just saying.

It appears that nobody on this show actually has a happy home life. Ichabod/Katrina/Jeremy, definitely not a happy ending for them. Abbie and Jenny haven’t done much better, although they still have a shot at that happy ending. Even Capt. Irving and his wife/daughter have the possibility of patching things up. So far, though, all of our intrepid heroes are suffering from rather depressing personal lives. I hope things get better for them all as the story progresses.

Meanwhile, we’ll have a lot of fun watching them chase down the latest threat and destroy it, keeping us on the edge of our seats waiting to see how they’re going to manage to get out of this one. You go, Ichabbie.

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