Scandal "Yolo" S3. Ep 9

This episode began with a “Viewer’s Discretion” warning and I was so worried that someone else would start chewing on body parts. Fear not! – No one chewed through their wrists this week but you might want to cancel any upcoming dentist appointments.

Huck knows about Quinn’s dirty little secret and is going to use any means necessary to find out who she’s working with. Quinn is naked, wrapped in duct tape and whimpering as Huck prepares to remove one of her precious teeth. He’s interrupted by Olivia. She calls Huck to let him know that her mother is alive and is in her apartment. Huck reminds her of her all-knowing father and has her ditch her phone battery and head to the safe house.

Leo is ready to help Sally in her quest to become the first female president but he needs one small favor – abandon her faith and become pro-choice. Sally Langston is mortified! How could she do that?! It takes her 30 seconds to agree to his terms.
Olivia has the same flashback as last week’s of her mother leaving the day she disappeared. They’re all in the safe house deciding on their next move. Momma Pope explains what happened all those years ago. She found out what her husband did for a living and was going to out him to the world. As she describes her escape from her prison, Huck and Jake realize that Rowan must’ve planted a tracker in Mama Pope and they have to remove it. But Mama Pope is used to her skin being ripped apart, no?

Rowan and Charlie find the tracker in their safe house and Rowan utilizes all of his superspy techniques to find his wife and daughter.

The plan is to get Mama Pope a new identity and a new home, out of the country.

Back at the White House, Mellie is antsy about Cyrus’ now backfired plan to keep Sally Langston off the ballot. Cyrus is hilarious even when he’s hurting – “Don’t you have vaccines to tout? Fat kids to encourage?” He’s holding off on it until he can figure out what to do.

Mama Pope and Olivia bond over breakfast. She thought Olivia would be a happier person. Losing her mother at a young age and finding out her father is responsible for murdering and torturing her friends doesn’t scream great upbringing but ok.

Jake seeks out Fitz’s help but he refuses. He won’t help Jake be the hero. The tension and jealousy here is too great.

Quinn, still in her apartment, bound and trying to find a way out, is able to find a glass and smash it.

It is time. Sally is to announce her intentions tomorrow. Meanwhile, James stops by to tell his husband that he’s interviewing Mr. Langston once again. Tonight. In their home. Ouch

James bumps into Daniel in the hallway and is ambushed. He claims he’s not gay and begs James not to out him in his article.

Olivia’s flashback – Maria was talking to a reporter that could confirm her story but doesn’t want to put someone else’s life at risk.

Jake takes matters into his own hands and decides to take out Rowan on his own. Of course, he’s unsuccessful and another man dies in the process.

Rowan wants Quinn to help but her hands are tied. Literally

Until then, Rowan puts a stop to Olivia’s plan to get Mama Pope out of the country -he’s put her on the FBI Watchlist. Abby tries to get help from her boyfriend but there’s little that he can do.

Before Sally makes her announcement public, she tells Fitz and he promises to make her regret this decision.

Cyrus runs home to confront his philandering husband but is met with an angry, yet alone, James. James has had it with Cyrus’ schemes – pimping him out and threatening to out a closeted gay man have set him over the edge. James wants a divorce and full custody of their little girl. Cyrus is hurt but he’s still Cyrus and threatens to use the incriminating photos to keep James from seeing his daughter.

Olivia finally calls Fitz, not to ask for help but just to hear his voice. Suddenly, he’s all for helping Olivia!

Cyrus heads back to the Oval Office and oddly receives comfort from Mellie. In short, she tells him to suck it up and see the plan through.

Charlie saves Quinn and he comforts her with a shot of vodka and a romp in the hay? Can you imagine that? I just had two teeth pulled out of my mouth – let’s get naked. Creepy logic, In an alternate universe, where neither of them is obsessed with death, I actually think they’d make a cute couple!

Cyrus sees his plan through and shows Sally the incriminating photos. But this horrible plan doesn’t exactly have the desired effect. If Cyrus were to release these photos, it would hurt both of them. All that heartache for nothing?!

Since that didn’t work out as planned, Cyrus phones James to apologize and to say that the photos won’t see the light of day. He conveniently forgets to leave out the reason for that.

Fitz has come through for Olivia and puts her mom on a military plane. Olivia hasn’t hugged her mom since they’ve met and Abby sweetly encourages her to do so.

There’s that flashback again, only this time, Olivia answers the phone after her mother has left the house. It’s a man looking for Marie. Her mother isn’t the innocent party here and Olivia calls Huck as her mom flees the country.

There’s a problem. Earlier, Quinn agreed, under much duress, to do something to help the team.

Quinn’s with Charlie and they go to see Rowan. She can help find Olivia and company but first she needs the copy of that incriminating tape. Speaking of that murder, in her sleeve she’s hiding another, likely deathly, needle.

And the bad news keep coming as Sally Langston phones Cyrus to confess to a grave sin. She’s just killed her husband.

She took that whole “abandon your beliefs” speech a little too far.



I am always left gasping at the end of Scandal, clutching my heart because I can’t believe what’s just happened. No change after this episode. One thing, though – it was horribly unsettling to see how quickly Huck turned on who we used to refer to as Baby Huck. How can they go back to normal after that?! “Sorry, I stripped you naked, duct taped your body and pulled out your teeth?” That’s definitely going to be an odd conversation. Then there’s Olivia’s mom, no longer that poor, sweet innocent woman we thought she was. How much worse could she be than Rowan? We’ll just have to find out.

Last but not least, I can’t wait to see how Sally is going to spin her husband’s death/murder. Maybe she’ll hire Ms. Pope? Stranger things have (and likely will) happened. Good episode.

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