Community Season Five: Watch the "Mr. Winger" Trailer

Just a few more weeks, and the wait will finally be over. Community returns to NBC on January 2 for it’s fifth season.

It’s not a secret that season four was weak. Without creator Dan Harmon at the helm of the Community ship, they did, several times, sink. Chevy Chase was awkwardly written out of several episodes, after departing before the show’s season was finished filming. Troy (Donald Glover) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) had a head-scratching romance that wasn’t nearly as entertaining as Troy’s bromance with Abed (Danny Pudi). The evil versions of the Greendale gang invaded the current timeline. And let’s not forget Changnesia. There were a number of episodes where fans of the show since it’s launch really thought the writers “Britta’d” it.

Thankfully, Harmon is back, and based on the trailer released earlier this week, it looks like he’s brought back some of the magic. The newest trailer features the recent graduate Jeff (Joel McHale), returning to Greendale as a professor, after returning to practicing law and seemingly failing. The trailer also features a cameo by new recurring guest star, Jonathan Banks (best known for his Emmy nominated role as Mike Ehmantraut on Breaking Bad).

According to McHale, Harmon is calling season five, “a re-pilot of the show, where he’s establishing all the characters and grounding (them).” The first episode of the season is, in fact, titled, “Repilot”, and features a joke about the show being a, “do-over… like Scrubs.”

Are you happy to see The Greendale Seven (minus one) back in action? Do you think the show will regain its former glory with Dan Harmon’s return? Are you still rooting for #sixseasonsandamovie? Take a look at the trailer, and share your thoughts.


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