Supernatural Recap — Episode 9.06, "Heaven Can’t Wait."

Holy crap, what a great episode! I’m being honest here, the writing and acting and everything were perfectly flawless this week—I’ve never heard of the guy that wrote this one (Robert Berens) but I sure hope they keep him.

To set up: Kevin managed to translate the angel tablets into a dead language, and Castiel is working at a convenience store to start his human life, and he calls Dean with a case. So, Kevin and Sam are back at the bunker trying to decode an ancient language, and Dean is checking this case (and this Cas) out.

On Sam and Kevin’s side, they decide that their best bet for language translation would be Crowley, since he is apparently intimately familiar with ancient languages, despite being the corrupted spirit of someone from…the 17th century. I’m about 99% sure that backstory is bullshit now, considering his previous recounts of romping around in Mesopotamia. In any case, he agrees to translate it, if Sam provides him with the opportunity to make a “phone call.” A demonic phone call, of course, which requires a bowl of blood. Sam eventually agrees, since he doesn’t think it will be much harm.

Crowley insists that he use Kevin’s blood for some reason, and Kevin agrees. So, Crowley makes the call to Abaddon, and learns that she’s completely wrecking the systems he set up in Hell and the whole organization is losing its credibility and he’s really mad about it. Afterwards, he honors his promise and translates the language for them…revealing that, according to the tablets, the spell which cast the angels out of heaven is completely irreversible. Oops.

Also, at the end of the episode, he’s seen injecting himself with Kevin’s blood, which as I recall, would have the effect of him becoming more human than demon. Interesting.

Meanwhile, on the Dean side of things, people keep exploding into tiny bits, like completely miniscule, and though he says he’s not going to go see Cas, he totally goes and picks up Cas and criticizes his choice to become a sales associate at this convenience store. Yaaay, emotional manipulation for plot purposes. Anyways, he drags Castiel along on the case, and Cas says that he knows what’s happening—a fallen angel “medic” was killing everyone, because it was his instinct to put things out of their misery when they suffer incurable pain. To this angel, human misery seemed incurable, since human emotions are pretty confusing for angels.

So, Dean tries to figure out how to find this guy, and Castiel goes on a little “date,” since he was fairly certain his manager asked him out on one. However, when he gets to said managers house, he discovers that she had only wanted him to babysit her child while she went out on a date with someone else…of course, Castiel honors this and attempts to take care of the baby.

But, oh no! The angel shows up at the house because he sensed Castiel’s suffering as a human, and tries to put him out of his misery, as well. But, Dean shows up just in time to help Cas kill the guy, and everything turns out pretty okay, because they managed not to completely wreck the house in the fight like they usually do.

Castiel goes back to his job, and Dean doesn’t pass on the news that the angel spell is irreversible because that would be a total damper on Cas and he has enough of those. Besides, this is Supernatural we’re talking about, the second someone says something is impossible, the Winchesters figure out how to do it.

And also, you know, we’re only on the sixth episode of the season. I doubt they’re going to just be bumming around for the rest.

Catch the next episode of Supernatural on the 19th at 9/8c, only on the CW!

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