‘Hart of Dixie’ S3Ep6 "Family Tradition"

There are those couples like Lynly and George that are perfect for no other reason than they’re fun. Since there’s no promise of happily ever after we are free to sit back and enjoy the fun. And if anybody could use some good ole fashioned fun it’s George Tucker. If uptight Tucker is never seen from again I will be a happy, happy girl.
It’s funny how you can start off life knowing exactly who you are and where you belong only to discover you were wrong. This can be especially jaunting if you never had a back-up plan for the “What If’s” that life likes to throw our ways. When HoD first started, there was nothing about Lemon that I found relatable. However, now I feel like we are living out the same story. Except that deep down I always knew the life I was living wasn’t the one I was meant for. As much as I enjoyed the possibility of coupledom with Patrick, I’m glad she is on this journey to self-discovery with only her friends and family by her side.

I’ve been wondering how they were going to introduce strife into the perfect couple that is Lavon & Annabeth and I admit, I am relieved that they chose such a believable reason. Granted I don’t want to see either of them unhappy, but to pretend that all relationships – no matter how good they may be – are headed to the alter is unrealistic. Not every couple is endgame. As someone who was raised on Michigan football and their rivalry with the team that shall not be named, the only acceptable reason for being supportive of your daughter dating someone from the opposing team is if that person is named Lavon Hayes, mayor of Bluebell, Alabama. And that is the only reason. Now with that being said…
If I don’t get a Wade/Zoe centric episode soon I’m afraid I may jump onto the Zoe & Joel ship. I know I can’t believe it either. Of course, they will never get to one true pairing or endgame status, but you know what? I don’t care, I like them. I like Joel. Not only does he accept Zoe for the Dolphin Tale loving (seriously?) freak show that she is, he supports her and all her crazy schemes without putting her down in anyway. Instead of throwing it in her face that her wacko plan to reintroduce herself to her family was in fact wacko, he was on her side and essentially told her that they would be crazy if they didn’t come around to see how awesome she was. So yeah Joel haters, suck on that. I’m sorry. That was mean. I told you I’m in need of a Wade/Zoe centric episode and stat.

Can someone please tell Wade if he wants to keep the Rammer Jammer in business sleeping with the suppliers and then dumping them is not the smartest idea he’s ever had? Thanks.

Oh, and one more thing; is it just me or was it weird as hell seeing Wanda cross with anyone? I didn’t even now that was allowed in Bluebell.

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