‘Hart of Dixie’ Season 3 Premiere "Who Says You Can’t Go Home"

Zoe Hart….dream killer, town ruiner, heart breaker. Damn I missed that girl. Not only her, but Tom and Wanda, Dash DeWitt, the whole gang showed up. Except Magnolia Breeland who apparently was shipped off to boarding school because poor Brick just couldn’t handle the stress any more. Not that I blame him. That girl was a walking, talking annoyance. But other than that one glaring absence – not really, I barely noticed she was gone – all was well in Blue Belle.

Well it was if you counted the fact that Zoe went from being accepted by the town to its pariah. How was she supposed to know that moving back to New York would leave the town and its citizens ripe for litigation? I mean come on there’s no way she could have seen that happening and is it really her fault that the town only has 1 good lawyer? I don’t think so.
One of the biggest missteps the show made last year was to try and force – I will regret this later I just know it – Zorge down our throats when it was quite obvious to everyone that the chemistry between Zoe and Wade was too much for anyone else to compete with. Unfortunately for them that wasn’t their only huge mistake, no that would be when they attempted to add some drama to the mix by having Wade do something that pretty much everyone knew (I’m including the actors in on this) knew he would never do in a million years,

Thankfully it seems that the writers have moved on from the event-that-shall-not-be-spoken-of and have reverted back to writing Wade as the big hearted, handsome guy that he is. It would also appear that the dreaded Zorge – yep, that hurt – has been put to rest as well. Thank the gods. It took me all of season 2 to come around to being a George fan and I really do not want to have to go back to finding him annoying. George needs to figure out a way to wrestle Tansy away from Scooter McGreevey. I bet she’d like it if he grew his scruff back out. I know I did. A scruffy George Tucker is a sexy George Tucker.
Why Miss Lemon Breeland I do believe you are glowing; could it possibly be due to a certain slovenly, yet adorable gentleman? You know it is. I am all abroad the Lemon & Meatball ship. I don’t even care how ridiculous that name is. When I initially saw the promos I thought for sure they were going there with Lemon and Wade and I was fully prepared to break out the pitchforks so to say I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out I was wrong would be an understatement. Plus, come on now the idea of Lemon & Meatball is too awesome for words – thank you to whichever writer thought up that little gem of an idea I will forever be grateful.

Okay, is Lavon’s cousin for real and is this a real storyline? I refuse to believe that the fabulous Lavon Hayes and Annabeth Nass are stuck in one-note storyline. And it’s not even a good note. It’s a played out note. I need 2 of my most favorite characters to have themselves a kick-ass story this season. Oh, and while I’m asking for storyline favors it’d be great if Tom and Wanda could be seen a lot more this season. What can I say, I love those guys.

Zoey Hart has a boyfriend and he isn’t Wade. What’s worse is that I think he is adorable and funny and well, perfect. I’m sorry Wade, I couldn’t help it. I tried not to like him. I really did. But there is just something so likeable about him. Of course that doesn’t mean that I have stopped being Team Zade, because I assure you that I am Team Zade all the way. It’s just that…..well, he’s kind of adorable. Thank goodness it turns out – like we didn’t already know – Zoe is no longer – if she ever really was – a New Yorker and has come home where she belongs so there is plenty of time to see this triangle play itself out. Wow, a triangle on Hart of Dixie I can actually get behind this should be one interesting season.

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