Supernatural Recap — Episode 9.03, "I’m No Angel."

And now, for Cas.

This week’s episode was great, in my humble opinion. Though, of course, being Supernatural, it was still kind of upsetting. Maybe a lot upsetting.

Castiel, now human, is attempting to deal with human life while also trying to keep away from the angels. He starts out at a church shelter, but when he finds two bodies on the grounds that had been gruesomely tortured by a few angels, he decides to split. He hangs out with hobos for a little bit, is attacked by an angel, which he kills, and decides to split. He somehow finds money enough to get a tattoo of an angel ward, and then leaves. He ends up being taken in by a sweet lady who gives him food and a place to stay.

Meanwhile, the other angels have set up camp with a TV Evangelist who sends the message out to all his followers to let angels in if they so ask, so they can get more vessels for all the fallen angels on
Earth. Which begs the question, where are all these incorporeal angels staying? Huge, impossibly bright clouds of energy are usually pretty noticeable. Maybe space?

Anyway, the angels there send a reaper-for-hire to tail the Winchesters, since Cas is warded against angel sight, and the Winchesters are looking for Castiel and can tail better than the angels can. Thankfully, since they’re the Winchesters and all, they notice that the same dude has been following them wherever they go. They jump him in a dark alley and question him about the angel situation, and learn that Naomi, whom they thought was running the organization, is apparently dead, and Bartholomew is the new guy in charge.

Then they kill the reaper.

But, even rid of a tail, they can’t seem to track down Castiel, so Dean coaxes Ezekiel out of Sam to use his angel powers to find him. Though, Cas is warded—so Dean asks him to see if there’re any reapers for hire that are near Cas, and it turns out there is one! Remember the sweet lady that took Castiel in?

Yeah, the Winchesters show up at her house, and kick down the door to find Castiel tied up and being interrogated. They attack the reaper, but before they can do anything she stabs Cas right through, and kills him. It’s kind of horrible.

But, after they kill her, Ezekiel comes out and heals Cas, bringing him back to life, and leaving Dean to make up some horrible lie as to why Cas came back to life, because Castiel and Sam are extremely confused about this.

In the end, they all end up back at their bunker and everything is happy and good. Except Ezekiel shows up to say that Castiel’s warding no longer works, because he died and was brought back? I’m not sure the rationale behind that, but Ezekiel basically gives a it’s-either-me-or-him speech, since he doesn’t want to be stuck in the middle of all these angels chasing after them. And, if Ezekiel leaves, then Sam dies.

So Dean tells Castiel he has to leave.

It’s pretty horrible.

Catch the next episode of Supernatural on the 29th at 9/8c, only on the CW!

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