Nasvhille Recap 2×03 I Don’t Wanna Talk About It

I am starting to get dizzy from all the back and forth I’ve done over Juliette. I hate her. Then I pity her. Then I start to care about her. Then she does something awful and I can’t believe I was beginning to care about her. Don’t get me wrong. Sleeping with that married dude is not what I’m upset about. It was gross, but mainly because he was gross and it would be nice if she had more respect for herself. But he’s the one who’s cheating and I’m not about blaming the “other woman” for a man’s infidelity. I even appreciate that her initial reaction was horror. It seemed to me that she wasn’t into it when she thought he was a decent guy but once she realized he wasn’t she allowed the sex to happen. I’m okay with all of that. Or at least, I can understand where it all comes from, based on what we know about Juliette. But, the way she treated Avery? That’s hard for me to get past. He’s been the best thing she has for weeks, supporting her through being conned and going back home and she didn’t even blink about calling him ‘someone on the payroll.’ I’m so glad that he didn’t allow her to get away with it and I look forward to seeing how she fixes it – because I think
she is going to realize she wants to fix it. But damn girl, you make it hard to keep people on your side.

You know who else makes it hard to like him? Teddy. That man’s ego is so out of control and his need to put Deacon down to feel good about himself is the worst. But, you know who seems to like him anyway? Peggy. But that’s okay, because she’s clearly not playing with a full deck. What could she possibly be thinking? How long does she think she can keep this up? My only guess is that she’s hoping she can get Teddy to fall in love with her again and then, once she has him hooked, she’ll tell him she lost the baby.  Is there any other option? What do you guys think?

Oh, Deacon. You poor thing. It feels good to have a little background on Deacon. We have known that his father was an abusive alcoholic but we didn’t have much in the way of details. I still wish someone (Coleman, maybe?) was reminding Deacon what a wonderful man he’s become and how he had 13 incredible years as a sober musician. Yes, he fell off the wagon, and yes he fell hard, but I don’t think that undoes all the hard work he put in to becoming different from his father. Rayna’s news obviously deeply affected him and he did not have the tools to cope with it appropriately. That’s clearly a problem that has to be dealt with, but it doesn’t redefine his entire life.

Meanwhile, Rayna has apparently discovered she can’t sing. She’s still trying to finish her album with Liam, and she’s decided she wants to break away from Edge Hill completely. If this is going to be her last record, she wants to fully own it. She manages to wriggle out of singing at the stockholders event by using the forum
to introduce her newly signed artist, Scarlett. Jeff isn’t too pleased with her, and senses there is something going on, but Rayna doesn’t seem to care much. She’s also sleeping with Liam again.

Scarlett wasn’t the only one who got to perform at the event. Will was given the stage as well as the new face of Edge Hill. He sang a song by his favorite songwriter in Nashville – Gunnar. The song was a big hit, but Gunnar isn’t satisfied being in the background and is growing more and more jealous of the success of the people around him. Here’s hoping things turn around for him soon. I loved this character in season 1 and now I practically groan every time he’s on screen. Gunnar, come back to us!

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