Nashville Recap 2×02 -Never No More

One of my biggest pet peeves when I watch TV – and I recognize that this is a plot device used to create drama – is when people don’t say what they want to say. Conversations are so often written with people thinking about saying something and then choosing not to. I sit there willing them to just open their mouths and say what needs to be said, but it rarely actually happens. And it drives me bonkers. So I need to start this column by saying GO SCARLETT. For calling Deacon out on all of his BS since the accident. For listening to his excuses, thinking about it, and then calling it all crap. And thank you Deacon for being honest with your niece and giving her all the information. The dialogue between these two in Never No More was incredibly refreshing and Clare Bowen has never been more impressive.

Meanwhile, Deacon’s relationship with Rayna seems to be exactly where it was 13 years ago when he couldn’t get his drinking under control. It’s frustrating that no one seems to remember there was over a decade of sobriety in between. It feels like Rayna is trying to come to terms with the fact that this is just who Deacon is. Rather than realizing that this wasn’t who he was for a long time and that her lies and deceit are what pushed him over the edge. I’m not suggesting that Deacon’s choices are anybody else’s fault, but it seems unfair that all of his hard work should just be forgotten because he relapsed. That said, the conclusion Rayna came to may be what’s best for both of them – they just seem to be bad for each other. (Ironically they also seem so good for each other.)

I can’t figure out Juliette. Every episode she seems to have a moment of growth, but by the next week it seems to have vanished. What is real with that girl and what is for show? She was legitimately affected by her trip back home to Alabama, but she can’t admit her vulnerability even for a moment for fear of appearing weak. This budding friendship with Avery is promising, particularly because he’s the first male she’s encountered since the show started that hasn’t immediately tried to sleep with her or vice versa. So when they ultimately hook up (they will, right?) there will actually be some substance there first which will be new for Juliette.

In other news, Oliver Hudson has arrived. I didn’t even know he was slated to guest start this season, but he’s here now, as Jeff, the new jackass head of Edgehill Records. His first order of business is to lull Rayna into a false sense of kinship only to then try to steal Will from her new label. Rayna’s been through too much lately to waste any time with games, and with the new young talent Jeff is signing and the way he betrayed her, she’s thinking it’s time to jump ship. Next week she’s going to realize her vocal chords have been compromised, so we’ll see how that plays out with her plans to leave.

Jeff’s attempt at poaching Will proved successful, but as Will explained to Rayna it’s not because he doesn’t think she’s amazing. It’s because he doesn’t believe he’s the talented artist she thinks he is. He had this epiphany after realizing how skilled a songwriter Gunnar is, and I thought he was going to recommend to Rayna that she go after his friend instead. But, he did not. Speaking of Gunnar, is there something brewing between him and Scarlett’s BFF? Cause that just feels icky to me.

Probably my favorite scene in the whole episode was when Brent, the guy Will used to hook up with, showed up at his door to assure him he wasn’t going to out him. It can’t be easy when a closeted gay man humiliates you and tries to make you feel ashamed because he has an image he’s protecting. But this guy handles it with class, telling Will that he understands why he wants to keep the truth quiet and promising that his secret is safe. In turn, could he please stop being such an ass whenever they run into each other. Fair request. I’m not sure Will deserved such kindness, but it was a great moment and one that may make Will rethink his behavior these last few weeks.

Final thoughts:

I’m glad Rayna called Teddy out on the whole playing house thing. This was feeling like an exact deja vu of the way Teddy swooped in the first time and took Deacon’s life from him. Their marriage ended for several legitimate reasons and I’m grateful that Rayna hasn’ forgotten that just because he future with Deacon isn’t seeming so realistic.

I enjoy episodes without Lamar. There I said it.

I hope Gunnar gets his s*** together soon and stops moping because I am a way bigger fan of his when he is functional. Glad he’s writing and singing again though.

Was that Liam again in the previews for next week? Rayna really doesn’t like to sleep alone, huh?

No matter how awful Juliette behaves, I still feel bad for her a lot. Watching that new girl sing her song was painful.



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