‘Hart of Dixie’ S3Ep3 "Take This Job and Shove It"

I didn’t know how full on my addiction to this show had become until I came home Monday night to discover for some reason – probably the universe screwing with me – my DVR failed to record the newest episode. Let me tell you there is nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work and finding out you can’t watch your show. Okay, there probably are worse things, but I can’t think of any right now.

Nevertheless, here it is Wednesday evening, I have seen the going-ons of Bluebelle, Alabama, and I am one happy girl. Granted nothing too exciting happened, but that’s the great think about this show even when nothing mind-blowing is going down you still walk away having enjoyed the experience.
For example, I used to hate Lemon Breeland. That’s right you read that correctly. In season 1, I couldn’t stand her and I openly admitted this to anyone who would listen – admittedly, that wasn’t a lot of people, but still. Now here it is three short years later and I am cheering her on. How dare Crickett – it blows my mind people actually name their daughters Crickett – think that she can come in and take the Belles or whatever-the-hell it’s called away from Lemon! And then to make her do scut work on top of that. It’s just not right. I have a feeling those Belles haven’t seen the last of Lemon Breeland.

Normally girls like Lynly irritate me. In fact, they get on my nerves so much that I do whatever I have to do to avoid them completely. Now, with that being said I find Lynly to be quite adorable. Don’t ask me why, because I have no idea. Of course, this does not mean I hope George falls for girly shenanigans. Anyways I’m pretty sure a certain ex-ladylove will be making their way back into George’s big, strong arms.

And no, I don’t mean Tansy – although she too is on her way back to town – nope, this time I mean Zoe. Yes, I know I am a Wade & Zoe fan and trust me I believe fully that they are endgame, but this doesn’t mean that George & Zoe’s story is over, far from it. Before Zoe can completely let Wade in, she has to realize that George and even Joel are not right for her anymore if they ever were. Just as it took her leaving Bluebell, last season to go back to New York for her to discover she no longer belonged there.

Whoever would have thought I would be glad to see Dr. Zoe Hart back to work?
When I said I wished Lavon had a storyline of his own chatting up Mo Gaffney really wasn’t what I had in mind. Although, I guess beggars can’t be choosers and I should be grateful for what I’ve been given. Except dammit I want more! I want more Lavon, more Annabeth, more Brick, and dagnabbit more townspeople! One of the best things about Hart of Dixie is the people that inhabit it. I mean how adorable is Frank and his Mr. Magoo approach to being a private investigator?

Since I’m lamenting over things I wish I could have more of I’m just going to say that I love that they didn’t set Brick and Zoe’s relationship back to the way it was when the show first started. Their relationship is one of the one’s that I have enjoyed the most as the show has gone on. I also love that Zoe feels that she can go to Wade when she needs help and that Wade is still there for her even if that means accepting Joel is a part of her life. Now if only we could get some more Lemon and Zoe interaction this show would be perfect.

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