‘Shameless’ Spotlight on Kevin & Veronica

At first glance Kevin Ball and Veronica Fisher are nothing more than a couple of over-sexed neighbors who conveniently live two doors down from the Gallagher’s, so they can have easy access to toasters, heaters, and cell phones. Characters, who could have very easily been regulated to comic relief or sounding boards for whatever crazy mess Fiona and the gang had managed to find themselves in that week, have instead managed to become the couple that every other couple is measured against. They are the friends we long to have. They are the people we long to be.

On the surface they are a couple of crazy, free-thinking, uninhibited people who have never met a party they didn’t like. Whether it’s 2pm at the Alibi Room or 2am at the Gallagher’s the party doesn’t begin until they show up. But that’s just the surface. Underneath the internet porn and weed farms are two people who love wholly and without reservation. They are loyal to a fault and will do anything to help the people they love.
When we first meet Kev, played to perfection by Steve Howey, it becomes obvious really quick that while he may humor Frank on occasion, he has no respect for him. He does however respect Fiona and the rest of the Gallagher clan. Which means that although the words “Fucking Gallaghers” are uttered more than once by him, he will also drop everything if they should find themselves in trouble and in need of a friend.

Kevin Ball is a stand-up guy and in this world that’s a rare quality. He knows that he isn’t meant for more than what working at The Alibi Room can afford him and he is okay with that as long he has Veronica by his side. Despite, or perhaps in spite, of the cards life dealt him, Kev has proven time and time again that it’s not how you started that matters, but where you end up that makes all the difference.

Now his better-half Veronica, played with such heart by Shanola Hampton, is the type of woman who loves fiercely and completely. This is a woman who took every hard road life had to offer and still managed to come out the other side a strong, independent woman who is capable of great things. Unlike Kev, who loves first and ask questions later V is more guarded with her heart and therefore takes longer to let people in.  However, once she has decided that you’re family you are bonded for life and there isn’t anything she won’t do if it means helping the person that she loves.

Sometimes that means being truly shameless. Whether she is swiping phones, flirting with milk men, or going to great lengths to make a family Veronica will do anything to help the people she loves. For her there are no limitations on love.  Brains, beauty, and she can run in heels; is there anything this woman can’t do? I doubt it.

Kevin’s Most Shameless Moment: Impregnating his mother-in-law.

Kevin’s Least Shameless Moment: Having a marijuana bonfire for the neighborhood.

V’s Most Shameless Moment: Helping Kev impregnate her mother.

V’s Least Shameless Moment: Having an adult website.

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