It’s That Time of Year

It’s that time of year….

No, it’s not Christmas or my birthday. It’s not the start of school (even though it really is) or the beginning of fall (even though it’s also that). It’s that time of year when my favorite tv shows make their epic and dramatic entrance back into my life again; making me feel ever so slightly more fulfilled. Or maybe my evenings are just more occupied by the cunning nature of Emily Thorne’s plan. Or the constantly-twisting plot line revealing more and more about the former lives of Huck, Quinn, and that ever-mysterious Harrison (will we ever know his background story?). Better yet, maybe it’s actually the familiarity of the return of my old friends Meredith and Christina, reminding me of bond of friendship two people can have.
Or is it that these shows, which waft in and out of our lives, drawing us in, to curl up on our couch with our favorite blanket, remote-in-hand, to tune in to the epic twists and turns of our familiar friends, actually remind us of the things we’re capable of doing. Strong enough to overcome the tragedies that Meredith and Christina have endured, fight for the greater good alongside Annie Walker, or dream of being a respected woman with power, poise, brains, and sexuality that Olivia Pope pulls off with ease. Maybe these characters just allow us to feel our own emotions, which we so often suppress, by viewing them in others.

Perhaps they are a reminder that we are connected across thousands of miles to other people who enjoy the fast-talking Shonda Rhimes creations or the thought of exacting revenge that we could never actually act on ourselves.

Or maybe they just make us feel at home for an hour or two every night.

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