‘The Newsroom’ Episode 2.06 "One Step Too Many"

And now I’m a Republican. Thanks Will. If Sorkin’s goal is to further the Liberal agenda by spending every episode thoroughly mocking everything having to do with the Republican party lets call it mission accomplished and move the hell on.  It was bad enough having to live through the debacle that was the Republican primary race the first damn time, I don’t want to do it again. The one thing I always liked about The West Wing is although the Bartlett Administration was Democrat the show never stooped to the level that the other party was somehow less than they were.
The more Will laments on whether the viewers like him the less I like him. And what really pisses me off is that I am completely positive that there are news people now on CNN, Fox, ABC News, and so forth who are so worried about whether their viewers like them that they are willing to sensationalize the truth so that people don’t change the channel. They are willing to forgo coverage of a State Senator who is fighting woman’s right in favor of the calorie count of a blueberry muffin. I get that Sorkin is trying to make a point. I respect that point, but enough is enough. Critics say that The Newsroom is a Liberal fantasy of what the news should be like and what’s wrong with that? The news is depressing and I could use a little more fantasy in my life.

Jim reminds me of that guy who doesn’t know how to tell the girl she broke his heart so instead he uses every opportunity he can find to be an ass towards her. Of course if you were to call him out on it he would have no idea what you were talking about because in his mind he doesn’t see anything wrong with his behavior. I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt I really am, but I admit it’s a struggle. Another fan pointed out that Jim and Maggie were never friends so it is no wonder he doesn’t know how to be her friend now. I imagine that he believes he is being her friend unfortunately he is coming off like a jerk.

Poor Maggie. That girl is so far over the edge she’s in a free fall and it is not going to look pretty when she finally comes to a stop. I am liking how they are showing that even though Maggie is crumbling before our very eyes in an odd way she is stronger than she ever was last season. This is a woman who has seen death up close and personal. This is a woman who had her entire life thrown completely off track and she is still holding on with every ounce of strength that she can muster. This is a woman who although she is emotionally in a free fall is going down kicking and screaming.  Forget what I said earlier, I take back poor Maggie. She doesn’t need my pity or anyone else’s.
Maggie says that the General did not say that we used sarin gas and yet we know that he did. I’m not saying she did this on purpose because when the General said it she was walking out the door and had her back turned to it is entirely possible she didn’t hear him. We do know however is that even though he may have said it he never said it on the record and that is the ballgame. We also know that Jerry Dantana was so blinded by the thought of this huge career defining, history making story that he lost the truth he was searching for. It will be interesting to see how this story, that was perfectly set up to both true and false, ends up being a complete lie and threatens to take down the people behind News Night.

Story Bites for “One Step Too Many”

Neal is my hero. I adore him and every smart, yet adorable word that comes out of his mouth.

Now that Taylor has been fired by the Romney Administration she needs to come over News Night.

As enjoyable as it was seeing characters mix it up with people they do not necessarily spend a lot of story time with my shipper heart nearly died at my insane thought of a possible Don and Mac hook-up. No no no no no.

It turns out Disney’s John Carter wasn’t a total failure in the sense that it made for an interesting business example.

I refuse to board the Mac and Will ship. Leave that garbage in the past where it belongs.

Are there really only 3 episodes left in this season?

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