‘Rookie Blue’ Episode Episode 4.08 "For Better, for Worse"

I’ve been feeling a tad guilty these past couple of episodes because at no point did I mention the crime story of the week. I acted like that part of the story never happened. So I am here to rectify that this week with a Crime Story Breakdown. Yep, that’s what I’m calling it.

In this week’s Crime Story Breakdown there was a bunch of little old ladies who along with the little old men were robbed of their things and left on a buns in the middle of the road. Apparently no one on the bus could figure out how to work a lock from inside the bus because the cops had to come and rescue them. Did you know that it can cost up to $10,000 a month to live in an upscale assisted living facility? For that much money I don’t blame that guy for asking his nephew to stage a robbery. That’s a lot of freaking money.
Ok now that the crime portion of the story is over I can get back to the important stuff like how about the fact that……Noelle’s Back!!!!  Oh Noelle, I have missed you so.  Please never, ever go away again. Frank needs you, the Ollie Man (thank you for that Dov) needs you, hell 15 needs you back. I am thrilled Noelle is back, but did they really need to give her cancer? Cancer?  Was that really necessary?  I don’t think so.

Poor Nick. That guy has no idea that he is on the express train to heart break city. Andy may go to him in the beginning because he’s “safe” but eventually her true feelings are going to fight their way to the top and she is going to realize that she loves Nick, but only as a friend and the dude is going to be crushed. Last season I couldn’t have cared less about Ofc. Nick Collins, but he has grown on me and I’m not looking forward to seeing him get dragged through the emotional ditch.

I like Chloe. I do. I didn’t in the beginning. I couldn’t stand her. I wanted her gone. Now, now I like her and I blame Gail. If it wasn’t for Gail being a rampant bitch towards her for no other reason than Gail feels like she can be a rampant bitch towards anyone she feels like I probably would have gone on finding Chloe annoying. So thanks Gail, I appreciate you so much right now. You and your coat check girl. Actually her I like.
You know who else I like? Steve Peck. I like him and I like him with Nash. They could be a lot of fun together. Now before you go biting my head off and accuse me of not being loyal to Jerry let’s not forget that Nash didn’t really want to marry Jerry. Yes she did love him, but she was only marrying him because she thought she could make herself into being that “girl” because she loved him. And lets not forget that if it wasn’t for him yammering on and on about Montreal, New York, and Chicago Noelle and Frank may never have gotten married. That alone earns him at least 5 cool points.

Do people still earn cool points? I was never cool enough for cool points….sigh.

Can we give the Ollie man major cool points for not only rocking that suit, but not dropping the oddly named Celery for his ex-wife Zoe? For a moment he stumbled in the “he’s a bad-ass” department when he was trying to get out of that roadster. In his defense that car was ridiculously small. Aside from her name, which I am not a fan of, I am a completely on board the Oliver/Celery ship.

I can’t believe this season is more than half-way over. For some reason it feels like it just started a few weeks ago. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the gang at 15 just yet. Damn, now I’m depressed. I know I will rewatch this week’s episode. That should cheer me up.

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