‘Rookie Blue’ Episode 4.10 "You Are Here"

The one thing I tend to love about the “Crime of the Week” storylines is that they don’t take away from the real action. Sometimes they even enhance whatever emotional drama is going on that week, but for the most part they aren’t too complicated. I mean hell more often than not you know who committed the crime 20 minutes in and I’m being generous with the 20 minutes. Take this week’s case for example was there ever any doubt that Stoney McStoneson was playing the bumbling stoner guy a little too well and therefore had to be more involved than wrong place, wrong time?

Speaking of the James Franco circa Pineapple Express wanna be, I spent most of the hour trying to figure out where I knew him from. Never did figure it out. Oh well.
When Ofc. Chloe Price first came on scene I admit that I wasn’t a fan of her. I found her annoying in that way when you can feel a stray strand of hair on your skin but you can’t find it sort of way. Except now I’m digging her. Anyone who can speak both Portuguese and Swahili is pretty kick-ass in my book. I can see why Dov fell for her. I used to be on the Dov and Gail express ship, but not no more.

Sorry Gail. It’s not you. It’s me. Sometimes in every girl’s life you just have to know when to let go and for me that time has come. We can still be friends though, right? And not friends like you and McNally friends, but real friends like you and the science chick you just met. I understand why you are hurt that Nick moved on so fast, but let’s not pretend that you and Andy were ever really friends. Yes, what she did was messed up and I’m not saying that Andy was right for sleeping with Nick, but I’m pretty sure you never really liked Andy. So this girl code you’re going on about doesn’t really apply here, now does it?

Now if Andy were to screw around with an ex of Tracy’s that would be breaking the girl code. Hell if Andy was caught flirting with Steve, a guy Tracy isn’t even dating but obviously likes, she would be breaking the code. How cool is it that not only did Tracy fly solo on her first case it was thanks to her quick thinking mixed with Chloe’s mad language skills that Stoney McStoneson didn’t walk out the door to freedom. I love those women.
No one likes to be the rookie on a team. We all want to be the veteran. The person looked upon with respect and awe. We want to be the one that others come to for advice. Unfortunately there is no clear-cut way to go from being a rookie to a veteran other than time. Both Chris and Dov are in that weird place where they are no longer rookies but they haven’t made it to veteran status either. Seeing as how I’ve been there before I can understand their frustration. Dov just wants to be one of the guys and Chris wants to feel like anything other than a failure. I hope Chris follows Dov’s advice and gets a little selfish because if anyone deserves some selfish time it’s Chris Diaz.

I love seeing my Oliver happy. Everyone else, aside from Noelle, could end up friendless and alone and as long my Oliver was happy I would think it was a great series finale. I’m even coming around to his girlfriends name, Celery. Okay, nevermind. I still think it’s a ridiculous name, but whatever it’s not like I’m dating her.  I do agree with Swarek that from the little I’ve seen of Celery she does seem to be the perfect match for my Oliver. I wish you both well.

Swarek is so screwed. He finally admits to himself that he misses Andy and he thinks they’re perfect together only to have Andy start to fall for Nick. I still think Nick is a rebound, but a rebound who has serious potential to be the real thing. I honestly don’t know which ship I am rooting for and that makes for great story-telling.

**Sorry guys no recap next week, but will return for “Under Fire”**


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