'Rookie Blue' Episode 4.09 "What I Lost"


Traci has a thing for Steve Peck! Yes, yes, yes. Forget all you Steve haters, he is adorable. Now if she were just ready to date again I’d be a happy girl. But, I guess I can’t have everything. Which just isn’t fair if I do say so myself and I do.

Speaking of life not being fair poor Diaz got majorly screwed over and not in the “you slept with my man and I hate you” way, but in the kind of way that leaves a piece of your heart forever torn. Not only did he have to live through every parent’s worst nightmare he had to endure finding out that the child he loved and gave up everything for wasn’t really his.

I don’t care what Denise’s reasons were for carrying on as though Diaz was that little boy’s father they could never be good enough to explain that treachery.  I’ve never been a big fan of Diaz, I actually found him to be quite dull, but he didn’t deserve that. No one does. I wonder if this means he is coming back to 15 Division? I hope he does, he could use his friends.

1004819_544345475631581_1066694290_nEnough with Gail the bitch! I used to love Gail. She was my favorite rookie with her fast thinking quips and smart-ass remarks. Now she is a borderline bully, and I’m sick of it. It’s time for the Grinch to grow a heart that is three times bigger. No wonder Nick fell for Andy and dumped her. I have nothing against the lab chick, or that she’s a lesbian, but her budding relationship with Gail seems to have come from out of left field. Sorry folks, not buying it. On the other hand Gail is less of a bitch around her so maybe I should just shut my mouth and let them run with it.

Knowing that Cruz is bipolar has tainted every scene she is in for me. I can not help but to wonder if her actions and moods are manic based or everyday run of the mill based. I imagine this was done on purpose, but I can not help to think that the eventual fallout would have more of an impact if like Sam we were also finding out for the first time. I get that they needed a reason for Andy and Cruz to connect without having Sam looming between them. It just seems as though by doing so they gave up allowing the audience to discover for themselves. Seems rather foolish storytelling wise.

I think I need my head examined because lord help me I am on Team Nick. That’s right I said Team Nick. I know he is headed for heartache. I know Andy is really in love with Sam. I am still rooting for Nick to get the girl. Yes I realize that they hooked up in this episode, but hooking up is not the same thing as getting the girl. Not really. So why am I on Team Nick when I know Andy loves Sam? It’s because I think Andy wants to love Nick. She wants him to be the guy, because she has an ease with Nick. With him she can just be and not have to worry constantly about what is lurking in the recesses of his heart. With Nick she knows, and that can be liberating for someone like Andy. So yeah, I’m on Team Nick. Too bad Team Nick is destined for sorrow. Maybe not this season, but someday.

Story Bites from “What I Lost”

Wordy!!!!! I still miss Flashpoint. Thank goodness for Netflix.

Is there a show produced in Canada that Christopher Jacot hasn’t been in and why isn’t he a regular on a tv show yet?

I’m sure South Miami Beach is a lovely place but you couldn’t pay me to paint my walls any of those colors.

Did Sam forget that he and Oliver came up at the same time? He had better start showing my Ollie a little more respect.

I think it is time for me to let go of Gail and Dov. Sigh.

Who could have guessed that a blind date with Robin Hood could end up being so awful?



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