True Blood – At Last – Recap

True Blood - 6x04 - At Last

Wow. Just wow. This episode of True Blood was one of the best in a long, long time. It had everything. It was hot, full of action and suspense, very minimal on the boring plot lines, and kept me on the edge of my seat in a way that both enraged and fascinated me.


Walking On The Sun
I think, by this point, we’ve all pretty much called that Ben was either working with Warlow or is Warlow himself. It turns out that he’s Warlow and packing some extra powers nobody saw coming. He’s some sort of weird Vampire/Faerie hybrid. He’s a faerie vampire. A vampire that can walk in the daylight. That’s a terrifying twist no one in Bon Temps wants to deal with.

Nora believes that Warlow can kill Lillith and Jason thinks Warlow is hot. Not that I blame him at all. While Jason is dying on the couch, Ben secretly slips him some of his blood to heal him and this results in one of our favorite things ever: a romantic scene between Jason and Ben. Such a throwback to an old episode with Bill and Sam. Sadly, they’re not in the shower but they’re shaving each other and I’ll take what I can get. More on Ben later.

Let’s get the smaller plots out of the way. Terry is struggling with what he did but he only gets about 5 seconds in the episode to deal with his feelings about Patrick. Alcide and his awful werewolf buddies try to track Sam and co. to find Emma. Sam morphs into a horse to carry an injured Nicole back to a hotel where they proceed to make out and bond over booze and tears. Sam’s storyline has gotten almost as boring and wasted as Alcide.

Baby Boomers
When the Governor isn’t busy taking both Ginger and Pam to Lillith-knows-where, he’s worrying about his daughter Willa. Eric has his own plans for her. The poor girl is sitting in a hole in the ground thinking she’s about to have the time of her life with the hottest vampire in Bon Temps when instead, she’s about to get vampified. That’s right. To get back at the Governor and hit him where it hurts, he turns Willa into a vampire and sends her home. Sarah Newlin, who is apparently hooking up with Governor Burrell, is not pleased to see her and shoots her, encouraging the Governor to send her to the camp with the others.

Shocking Cliffhangers Ahoy
Ben reveals himself to Jason when him and Gramps attempt to surprise him in the shower. He tells a heartbroken Jason to say goodbye to his Grandfather and to prepare to be released from the burden of searching for closure about his parents. This scene is both hot and sad for me.

Ben drains Gramps (is he turning him?) and instead of killing him then and there, he sends him through the creepy portal. He reveals he was the one who showed him mercy as a baby and is doing so again.

He makes his way over to Sookie’s for dinner and is unfazed by the fact Sookie has poisoned his food with silver. Looks like he plays with a new set of rules. Sookie takes matters, literally, into her own hands by crafting her ball of light while getting Ben/Warlow into bed. What a cliffhanger. You go girl.

Season 5 Jessica


Perhaps the most shocking part of the episode comes from Jessica and Bill, who kidnap Andy’s four daughters. The girls have grown up, complete with boobs and the urge to party. Jessica abducts the girls so Bill can have the doctor examine their blood. Unfortunately for them, and us viewers, Jessica is left alone with them, unable to control herself. In the final moments, it appears she may have killed them all.

Poor Andy .

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