The Fosters – "Saturday" 1×06


I’ve gotten old enough where age doesn’t really matter when it comes to friendship, and I have have friends who are out of their teens. A couple weeks ago, I had a conversation with a friend where she told me, “There is no actual point when you become an adult….adulthood isn’t some milestone you can mark down the day you achieve it.” This episode had me thinking back to that conversation.

This week, Stef has a moment with her dad where she storms out with a sarcastic “you’re welcome”, and it’s such a real moment. Stef and Lena are adults, but they still argue with their parents, with each other, they still have problems. They aren’t teenagers, or young adults who are unemployed and spend all their nights at the bar. They are people with children and jobs and they still have problems and lives and decisions to make, who still don’t have it all together. It’s so real, and it’s like I’m not watching TV. It’s like these are real people. So props to the writers, who may have won me over a little bit with that.


My biggest problem with this episode? Where is Jude? I love that kid, and can totally relate to him sleeping the day away, but I missed him!

On to stuff that actually happened, it was an episode that was defiantly the beginning of several arcs.

First we got Callie, who not only opens up to boyfriend Wyatt (who also won me over, more on that later), but has a sudden interest in photography. I want to follow Callie’s instagram, and I bet you do too. Also Liam is like stalking her. It’s confusing cause at first he’s like “don’t contact me” and then he’s like “I’m standing outside your window”. It’s weird and nerve wracking, and totally the kind of drama I was looking for from ABCF. I’m excited.

Wyatt made the transition to asshole who thinks he’s a bamf, to a scared teenage boy. And oh my god, I might be in love. And not just with his hair. I think it’s important that everything Wyatt does is a show, done to impress others, to show them he’s okay, and that he’s not scared, even though it’s the opposite. Callie cracked him open (something she seems to be good at), and seeing him like that made my heart hurt.


Mariana is full of bad decisions today, meeting up with her birth mom (who, mind you, is the one who took her money and ran away), and getting totally plastered at a party (you are 15, what are you doing!?). She comes back from the party, super wasted and interrupts Jesus’ and Lexxie’s dinner with their parents, and promptly announces the two have had sex! Congrats Mariana! You did it! You screwed up their relationship.

This episode, Stef struggles with letting a grudge with religion and her dad go. I really enjoyed this, and the interaction with Lexxie’s parents that kinda said, “hey! look! not all Christians hate gay people!” and it was a small truth that made me excited to watch this show.

Lexxie’s parents are obviously pissed that she’s having sex, but we don’t know what the repercussions are yet. Also I think it’s time for Jesus and Mariana to hash it out.

Finally Brandon had a big piano audition in which his dadnormal_S1E6_477 messed him up, and then proceeded to get him a second chance in? I don’t know why Brandon needs piano lessons, especially ones that cost at least 1,200 dollars a month. But I’m glad there was no interaction with Callie because it was really weird and uncomfortable last week….

This show draws me in a little more every episode! Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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