'Rookie Blue' Episode 4.04 "The Kids Are Not Alright"


There has been no word on whether or not my favorite light summer fair will be returning next year for a fifth season and frankly I am starting to worry. The ratings this season have been all over the map and even though I’m not a ratings expert I can’t imagine all the interruptions are helping any. But Rookie Blue fans the show is back and the last 9 episodes of the season will air uninterrupted. I don’t know about the rest of you but I for one could not be happier. With the way the TV landscape is now unless I am mentally prepared for a break I have a tendency to lean towards out of sight out of mind. I know it’s messed up of me, but I can’t help it. I blame the quality of the television lately. There are just too many watchable choices now. How can a girl be expected to keep up?

But I digress, our favorite Rookies are back and once again they are slowly lobbing season long story arcs at us instead of tossing everything in and expecting us to keep all the balls in the air. Although I do wish that we would see some more of Nash and Swarek, but I understand that now they aren’t the main focus. Andy is. Andy is always the main focus. I’m glad I like Andy or else that would start to get on my nerves.

CHARLOTTE SULLIVAN, MISSY PEREGRYMSpeaking of Andy, in “The Kids Are Not Alright” she and Gail find a boy in the trunk of a car during a sober check stop because that’s the logical place for a teenage boy to be when riding in a car. Except he wasn’t there as a prank or on a dare, no Alex was there because of a short-sighted asshole. You see it turns out Alex is a FTM or Female to Male Transgendered. If you don’t know what that is it means that Alex is a guy who was born in a girls body and apparently his girlfriends brother didn’t approve so he beat Alex up and shoved him in to a trunk, jackass. I loved this particular storyline more than the others (sorry Gail and Oliver, love you both) because when Andy was told about Alex she didn’t blink an eye, she processed, moved on and most importantly she continued to treat Alex as she had before.

My Oliver, and Chris for that matter, is not a happy camper. Life with Mrs. Shaw does not seem to be going that well. On the bright side Chris has someone he can relate to and go to when he isn’t sure he is doing the right thing. Which he isn’t. I just had a horrible thought, what if the show doesn’t get bageled (I refuse to put the word out in the universe) and Chris leaves and that’s it, no more Chris? Oh this is not good, not good at all. And what about Dov? He needs his bestest. How else is he going to survive living with Gail?

Oh Gail you little jealous minx you. We all know that you are still hung up on Dov, even if you aren’t fully aware of it yourself and why wouldn’t you be? Dov is awesome, just ask Chloe. Um….never mind, don’t do that, you might bitch slap her with your eyes. Whoever would have guessed that I would feel sorry for Chloe and would be rooting for her? I sure didn’t. I don’t even like her, I like Gail. In fact I like Gail and Dov, but she was just being mean to Chloe and treating her like a leopard and that was just wrong. Truth be told Nick makes more sense with Andy.

Sam-swarekCalm down all you Andy and Swarek shippers, I’m not saying I want them to fall in love just fall in bed a couple of times. Anything to get her to stop moping over Swarek. He has enough stuff going on trying to track down people who gun down not so innocent teenagers and a girlfriend who just found out the woman she shot died of her injuries. The man has enough on his plate to worry about bumping in to Andy every morning and how it will affect her feelings.

Luckily for him he has Dov in his corner and seeing as how he went through the same thing that Cruz is going through last year he knows better than most how to let go of the guilt one might feel after killing someone. Now who could have guessed that would include nature shows and young adult novels? On the other had Judy Blume did help me through some really tough moments in life.

If you’ve noticed my review of the latest episode has been all over the place and not up to its normal quality, well blame it on Sharknado. Damn SyFy movie has me all tripped up. Sorry no stray observations this time, I can not get the image of Steve Sanders cutting his way out of the belly of shark. Yeah, you read that right, a freaking shark. Anyways until next week Rookie fans.

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