Review: Static Summer ‘Rollercoaster’

Static Summer – Alternative Rockers from the Big Apple – are set to release a new collection of remixes titled “Rollercoaster/Heartback Digital 45 Summer Remix” on July 30th. We got our hands on the Remix’s title track ‘Rollercoaster.’ From it’s opening, ‘Rollercoaster’ is a very listenable track – with it’s ballad-esque atmosphere and clean vocals – it invites the listener into the mix in a rather relaxed manner. There is an electronic influence that is instantly recognizable – from the electronic drums to the various keyboard elements – making it easily accessible to the mainstream by playing to the trends of today, it has all the makings of a Summer anthem. It plays well upon the idea of life being a “Rollercoaster,” making it easily relatable, something that listeners from all genres can grasp. ‘Rollercoaster’ won’t blow you away with technical wizardry on the fretboard or life-affirming lyrics, but it is incredibly catchy, give it a few listens and you may find yourself singing right along with it.



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